Is the ProForm 505 CST Treadmill a good buy for running

by Jack on September 15, 2016

We have written reviews over many different treadmill models but sometimes we receive specific questions which are better are better to answer separately outside of a overall review. We received this question the other day from a visitor to our site.

Would the ProForm 505 CST Treadmill be a good choice for running?

Can you run on the ProForm 505 CST treadmill

Is it for running?

A very common question both first time buyers and also those not wanting to spend thousands of dollars on one of the top treadmills on the market is they wonder whether or not a certain model is recommended for running.

It’s good to wonder and ask questions before you buy. Many people have mistakenly bought a model thinking it was suitable for running only to become very dissatisfied with their purchase. This is because some models are specifically made for only walking or maybe a brisk jog.

The truth is reading over a model’s product description or specifications doesn’t exactly answer the question, in fact, we would say product descriptions and specifications are many times the reason people error in their purchase decision. We will touch on this further.

Two important things to look at on the ProForm 505 CST Treadmill 

The following can also be applied to any other model you might be interested in and have questions about as far as whether or not it will work for running.

The two most important things to look at:

  • Motor
  • Tread belt dimensions

Rule #1 – Motor style and horsepower

About the style. To simply say, there are a few different styles a motors that come on treadmills. We only recommend buying a model with a “Continuous Duty¬†Rated” motor. Many times you will see this abbreviated as CHP in product descriptions and/or specifications. Not to go into specifics why, but this style of motor is the most durable and efficient.

What amount of horsepower is need? This is very important and also an area where product descriptions can cause some people to think they are buying something suitable for running.

Many times in these descriptions you will find a line describing the motor/horsepower and then also you will find maximum speed. This can cause confusion that you should be aware of.

Many times small horsepower motors will list a top speed of 10 or 12 MPH. This would be a good speed for runners. But the problem is, in order for these smaller horsepower motors to match the speeds of treadmills with more horsepower, they have had their revolutions per minute (RPM’s) turned up.

While it is true these smaller horsepower, higher RPM’s motors will provide a 10 or 12 MPH speed. There’s a significant problem.

Increasing the RPM’s to make a motor run faster, also causes more stress on the motor. So these smaller motors which say they will produce speeds of 10 or 12 MPH are also likely to breakdown, giving you nothing but problems in the short-term.

What horsepower would we recommend? The absolute smallest amount of horsepower we would recommend buying is a model with 2.5 horsepower or it will read 2.5 CHP motor.

How much horsepower does the ProForm 505 CST treadmill have? This model has a 2.5 CHP. So it does pass. But just take note, it just barely passes with the minimum amount of horsepower we would recommend.

Rule #2 – Tread belt dimensions

There’s many,many different treadmill models on the market that come with different tread belt (exercise platform) dimensions.

This should be obvious but some people might overlook this.

When we go from walking to jogging to running, the length of are stride increases. So this means we will need a larger (longer) tread belt if we plan to run compared to just walking or jogging.

So you really do need to pay attention to the length of the tread belt of the model before you buy. Some models will have belts under 50-inches in length. For the average person, man or woman, we do not recommend this length in order to run comfortably.

The minimum length we recommend for runners is 54-inches. The ProForm 505 CST treadmill has a belt length of 55-inches.

Overall, is the Proform 505 CST fit for running?

It passes the minimum requirements for the amount of horsepower the motor supplies (2.5 hp) and the length of the tread belt (55-inches).

We are not labeling this model as one of the top choices on the market, instead, we would say if you are a person on a budget looking to buy a treadmill to run on this is a possible choice. For the price it is one we would recommend but we would also say you could get better by sending a couple hundred dollars more.

If you need more information on the 505 CST visit our review page

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