500w Folding Electric Treadmill

by Jack on September 5, 2015

Reviewed: 500w Folding Electric Treadmill 

500w Folding Electric TreadmillWhat’s the most your budget can afford? If you are low on funds and currently deciding whether or not to buy a very low cost treadmill, as the one pictured. You need to be aware of a few things before making your finally decision.

Pictured to the right is the Searchbuystore 500w Folding Electric Treadmill (Price: $198).

There are many low cost ($200 and below) home treadmills to choose from, many are absolute crap! In fact, the majority are!!!

On this specific model, we have read reviews at different health and fitness/weight loss sites blindly and generically recommending it as a good buy. However, these reviews tend to not provide the customer with any sort of detailed perspective.

Is it a good buy? What’s the Truth?

Home treadmills under $200 reviewsFirst, we are not writing this to say the model provides no value. In fact, if you had the chance to visit our homepage, you will find we do recommend the Searchbuystore 500w Folding Electric Treadmill as the top model for under $200.

However, the reality is when it comes to treadmills, $200, this amount of money is not going to buy you a top of the line model. Not even close!

We are not saying you couldn’t reach your weight loss or fitness goals by using this model in your home.

When it comes to reaching fitness goals, by far it’s the determination inside the individual that matters the most.

No doubt, there people with the best equipment under the sun and for whatever reason they never accomplish their fitness goals.

Then there are people using rocks who do accomplish their goals and get into fantastic shape.


If all you can afford to spend in around $200 and you need to bring a machine into your home then we would recommend the Searchbuystore 500w Folding Electric Treadmill.

We have read this model being described as “heavy duty” in many reviews on other sites, we prefer to call it stable. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds and a running platform measuring 39.75 in length and 13.5 inches in width.

We do think this model can provide quality for walkers and joggers. However, we would not recommend this for a person wanting a model their can run on. The motor is not strong enough to provide a good pace for running.

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