A review of the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Motorized Treadmill

by Jack on September 25, 2016

While not high-end machines, for the money, we do like the value provided by most of the treadmills produced by Sunny Health & Fitness. If you are looking for an opinion on or just more information about the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Motorized Treadmill. We will tell you what this machine what is and what it is not in the following review.

Our reviews on this website, do not talk a lot about, “extras or accessories“, instead, we focus more on teaching the 5 most important features of treadmill. If you need information on extras or accessories you can find the answers you are looking for here.

When buying, pay attention to these 5 features

This is especially important for those buying a treadmill for the first time in their life. At every price point there are so many different options to choose from. How do you go about judging the quality of individual models? Or how, do you make sure you the machine you buy matches your exercise goals?

For instance, some treadmills are only made for walking but you want a machine you can run on. How do you tell the difference?

This is when the 5 most important features become very important to examine. Here we will review these 5 features according to the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Motorized Treadmill provides but the logic can be applied to other models you may also be interested in.

Feature #1 – The motor (running or walking)

There are two main characteristics of  motor you will want to look at:

Style: There are a few different styles of motors you may come across when looking at different motors. By far and away the most efficient and durable style is called Continuous Duty Rated (CHP).  We would highly recommend buying a model with a CHP motor. The others are notorious for giving problems.

If you are buying or researching online, you should be able to learn the style of motor right in the product description on the sales page, if not on the sales page you should look at the model’s specifications which should be provided at the company’s website.

Horsepower: The amount of horsepower a motor provides has much to do with whether you are buying model which was strictly made for walking vs. running.

If you want a machine in your home for running, as a rule of thumb, we recommend buying a model with at least a 2.5 CHP motor (2.5 horsepower).

Runners – Don’t make this mistake

How does the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Treadmill stack up in the motor category? The motor is only 2.2 horsepower so we would not recommend this to people who are looking to buy a treadmill for running. The style of motor is a Peak DC motor so it doesn’t include our recommendation of a CHP style.

Base on the criteria of the motor we could only recommend this to people who are wanting to exercise by walking and maybe some lite jogging.

Feature #2 – Tread belt

Tread belt dimensions are another important consideration. Above we have already told you, based on the motor (style and horsepower) we do not recommend this Sunny Health & Fitness model as a good buy for runners.

The dimensions of the tread belt 16 x 49 -inches (W x L) only further this opinion.

Running vs. Walking, this should be ease enough to understand, this is only a reminder so you don’t forget to consider this factor.

When we go from walking to running the length of our stride increases this means in order to run comfortably, compared to waling, running will require a longer tread belt.

As a rule of thumb, for people who are wanting to buy a machine for running the smallest (shortest) tread belt length we would recommend is 54 to 55-inches.

The tread belt of the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 treadmill is only 49-inches in length. This will not accommodate the stride length of the average runner. This length is fine for walkers and joggers.

Feature #3– Frame

Another boring topic. But knowing information about the frame is important.

Knowing information about the build of the frame will give you an idea about the sturdiness and also maximum weight capacity

You want to know what material the frame is made from. There are treadmills frames made from aluminum and other made from steel.

We would recommend buying a machine which has a frame made from steel vs aluminum.

Compared to aluminum, steel frames fit together much tighter. The tighter fit will help to decrease the overall noise produced.

Another positive of a steel vs aluminum frame. Steel provides a little bounce to your step compared to the deadpan feeling of aluminum.

The frame of the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 treadmill is made from steel. Its also probably important to mention this model as a 220 lbs. maximum user weight capacity.

Feature #4– Cushion System

This is what helps protect your knees and other joints while exercising. In general, the quality of cushion systems found on treadmills increase with the amount of money you spend.

Some, less expensive models do not come with built-in cushion system.

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 treadmill does include a cushion system. While we will not say it’s magnificent, (you get what you pay for) compared to the cushion found on much more expensive treadmills its not. On the other hand, compared to other models in its price range it does provide good quality.

 Feature #5– The protection in the warranty

The list of features 1 to 4 are sort of arranged by priority with the motor being the most important feature to look at. With that said, we could have easily listed the warranty as the top feature to look at before buying.

The main reason we did not is because its not a movable/functional part of the machine. However, it is very important to look at the warranty of any treadmill you might happen to buy.

What does the warranty of the  Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 treadmill provide and how does this compare to other models in its price range?

As we wrote this review, this was a new model in 2016 the warranty information is unclear at the present time. As soon as we can provide accurate information we will update the page. 

The bottom line on the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 treadmill

Here we provided information on this model’s:

  • Motor
  • Tread belt
  • Frame
  • Cushion System
  • Warranty

Overall, we do not rate this model as one of the top models. But the low cost of ownership does have to be factored in how we rate this model. You definitely do not want to buy the SF-T7603 treadmill if you want a machine you can run on.

However, if you are on a buget and can’t afford to spend a $1000 or more on some of the more expensive machines on the market, comparing this Sunny Health & Fitness model it to other less expensive in its price range, the value is there for those who only need something to exercise with for walking and maybe some lite jogging.

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