AFG 3.1 AT Treadmill review – good for home running

by Jack on May 15, 2016

Before we begin reviewing the AFG 3.1AT Treadmill. When buying any treadmill it’s best to read more than one review. We don’t think this model is a bad choice, however, we believe there are better choices in its price range. But for good measure, there are a few sites (that we respect) giving this model a much higher rating than we do here.

This is why we suggest reading more than just one opinion before buying any model. We are not perfect maybe we missed something!?! The following is our honest opinion and we do back it up with reasons.

AFG 3.1 AT Treadmill review

NoteWe are writing and judging this model from the perspective of a person wanting to buy a home treadmill designed for running. We will only discuss what we believe are the 5 most important areas to judge:

  • Motor
  • Frame
  • Tread belt
  • Cushion System
  • Warranty

Area #1 – Motor

We can all agree the motor is a fairly important part of a treadmill, right? Just for your information, pertaining to treadmills a few different styles of motors exist. We want to tell you there is a certain style of motor which is superior. This style is called – Continuous Duty Horsepower (CHP) motor.

The CHP is the most durable and efficient style. Especially if you are a runner, you definitely need to buy a treadmill which has a CHP motor.

Whether the treadmill model you are looking at has a CHP this should read right in the product description. The motor style is usually the first thing mentioned

Does the AFG 3.1AT Treadmill have a CHP motor? YES!

However, beyond having the right style of motor you also need to consider horsepower. This model has a 2.75 horsepower CHP motor.

While we do approve of a 2.75 horsepower motor for running, in this price range there are more than a few models which provide more horsepower.

So this is our first problem with the AFG 3.1AT, while its good, you can find models with more powerful motors for around the same price.


Area #2 – Frame

The model does have a strong welded steel frame with a user weight capacity of 325 lbs. This is very good.

For your information when deciding which treadmill you will ultimately purchase make sure to learn about the frame construction. Some model are constructed from steel while others are constructed from aluminum.

We recommend steel over aluminum. Steel frames fit together tighter so they tend to be quieter when in use. And also when using these many people will tell you aluminum frames tend to have a dead feeling to them whereas steel provides a bit of a bounce in your step.


Area #3 – Tread Belt

It is important to look at the tread belt or running platform. There are two important characteristics: ply (thickness) and dimensions.

This is a 2-ply belt which is just about what you can expect on treadmills in this price range. More expensive models might have a 3-ply belt but this is really not a huge deal. If it was a 1-ply thick belt then we would complain.

But what about the dimensions of the belt?

Same as we mentioned above about the 2.75 horsepower motor, the dimensions of the tread belt for this model is another area where many other models in the same price range are superior.

The dimensions are 20 x 55 – inches (width x length). When we receive questions from people wanting information on running treadmills we always tell them you want a running platform of at least 55 inches. So, with this said, the AFG 3.1AT Treadmill does meet this stipulation of 55 – inches.

However, this is the low end of the length metric. We would having 56 – 60 inches in length is the better choice for runners. And so we repeat, there are models in this price range which provide this extra length.

AFG 3.1 AT Treadmill review


Area #4 – Cushion System

This is a very hard area to judge as far as naming the model with the absolute best cushion system. Many times this will be specific to the body mechanics and other metrics of each individual.

For example, person A might tell you model #1 is more comfortable but person B might tell you model #2 provides more comfort on their joints.

Our opinion for this model is that it is comparable to other models in its class.

Area #5 – Warranty

Always be sure to look at a treadmills warranty before you buy. When spending around $1000 or more what you will want to see in the warranty are lifetime guarantees on both the motor and frame.

If you do not see lifetime guarantees in these areas we would recommend questioning the quality of the treadmill and moving on to find something better.

The particular AFG model we are reviewing here does provide a lifetime warranty on both the motor and frame.

AFG 3.1AT Treadmill – good for the money?

As stated at the beginning of this review we do believe the AFG 3.1AT treadmill is a quality model but also believe there are better choices at this price range to buy. Here we reviewed the 5 most important areas to consider before buying:

  • Motor
  • Frame
  • Tread belt
  • Cushion System
  • Warranty

This model compares well to other models in the areas of frame, cushion system and warranty. However, if you are buying a home treadmill for running the horsepower (2.75) of the motor and tread belt (55 inches) length, while not terrible there are more than a few models in this price range which we rate superior in this price range.

See a few other the models we would recommend over this one.

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