Best place to buy a treadmill – Price and Warranty

by Jack on December 21, 2015

Whatever treadmill model you decide to buy for your home or gym there are many different places to make your purchase both online (e.i. Amazon, Ebay), or from a local fitness store or at one of the bigger more well known stores (e.i. Dick’s, Sears, Walmart). Online you could also buy directly from the manufacturer’s website.

But where is the best place to buy a treadmill? This is not so simple to answer. As well as other individual factors, the answer depends on which model you want and if you are interested in saving a few bucks.  If you are interested in finding the lowest price this will require you to check the different stores and websites to see if any one of these are running a discount on the model you desire.

What we can say for sure though, AMAZON, by far and away has the largest selection of treadmills. Whether or not you end up buying from here, their huge selection of treadmills, models from just about every possible manufacture makes it an excellent place to start your search for the right treadmill model. Also, you can then use the price at AMAZON as a baseline to compare to prices found at other online sellers and local stores.

Does it make a difference: Online vs. Store

Some people hate entering credit card information online. My brother-in-law refuses to buy anything online. So if you have the same mindset this would be one disadvantage of buying online. However, there are definitely advantages when purchasing online.

Advantages online

One of the biggest advantages of buying online is price. At many places, (e.i. Amazon, Ebay) you will not be required to pay sales tax. This can amount to a huge savings.

Also, not only the savings provided by no sales tax, buying online gives you the ability to easily compare the prices of many different sellers to find discounts and ultimately the lowest price on the model you want.

Disadvantages online

A possible disadvantage of buying online, unlike at a store where you “might” be able to speak to a knowledgeable store employee about the quality of the different treadmill models, online doesn’t provide this human interaction.

However, we do say this is only a “possible” disadvantage. Since there are many good treadmill reviews sites online to gather information the quality of different models. But this will require you to take the time to do the research on your own. Also, can you trust the salesperson at the store to give you honest information or are they only trying to make a sale?

Also, buying online doesn’t mean you couldn’t call a local store to ask for information on a model over the phone and it also doesn’t prevent you from visiting a local store to check-out different models.

So overall, even though there are certain potential disadvantages about buying online these can be negated if you take the responsibility to research the quality of the model before you buy it.

Another thing to take notice of

Warranty –  This is very important, if you ignore this you may end up with a very bad deal. Almost all treadmills that we review come with some sort of warranty. The only exceptions, if you are buying a used model or a very inexpensive manual treadmill.

Before you make a purchase at a store or online you better make sure to ask or research about the warranty. The salesperson at the store should be able to provide you with the information, if you are looking online the warranty should be listed and described within the product description.

The most important parts of the warranty are the motor and frame. The reason we make this point about the warranty is because the “worst place to buy” is a place that doesn’t offer you the warranty that you should receive from the manufacturer.

Overall, as far as quality goes, as long as you are buying from a reputable source that provides the proper warranty then it shouldn’t not make a difference where you buy. Notice we say reputable source. If you want to buy model “A” a reputable seller should be able to provide you with a brand new non-defective model “A

Conclusion – The best place to buy a treadmill

If you came here looking for definitive answer on the single best place to buy a treadmill we can not honestly provide an absolute answer. But what we will say, as long as a person does their homework on the model they want to we do favor buying online.

The reason is rather simple but still a good reason, which is you should be able to save money buying online.

As we mentioned already, we believe AMAZON due to its large selection of treadmills from almost every major manufacture is a great place to start.

Once you have found the model you plan to buy then price and warranty should be the top considerations. If you have decided you want to buy model “A” then we would advise you to buy it from the place, that gives you the lowest price along with the proper warranty, whether its an online store or a local store.

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