Best Treadmills – 2016 Buyer’s Guide

Our recommendations for the best treadmills to buy in 2016 include many familiar brand names and also many models from last year’s list still remain as top picks. However, we also introduce some newer fitness brands as well as highlighting a few new models that have just broke into the market. Below you will find a information on different buying criteria with the main focus on price, quality and performance.

By Performance and use:

Top choices considering price range:

  • Highest quality and best priced treadmills
  • Cheap treadmills
  • Treadmills under $1000
  • Top quality recommendations under $1500
  • Home treadmills over $2000

What to look for when buying

Know matter which model you are interested in or which price range our buyers guide should be of great use in helping you make the right choice. Our guide focuses on the most important core features of a treadmill and explains how to judge quality. These features are:

  • Motor
  • Frame
  • Tread belt
  • Cushion System
  • Warranty

Read over the 2016 Buyer’s Guide.

Recommended 2016 models 

See Below: From the categorized articles above we have picked out a few of the models included in these guides that we are most impressed with.

Which folding treadmill is best in 2016

There are certain advantages and disadvantages of owing a folding treadmill. One of the more obvious advantages and definitely the reason most people buy this type is there ability to fold up and be pushed out the way some can be be stored under the bed.

While major improvements have been made one of the disadvantages is thought to be these are less stable and durable, compared to traditional nonfolding treadmills.

One of our favorites in this category is the Sole F85 model it’s deck is wide 22-inches and the weight capacity of this model is 400 lbs. The wide deck and cushion system should make it comfortable for any runner. This model is the perfect example to show how far folding treadmills have come in terms of increased stability ad durability.

Sole F85 folding treadmill for runners 2016

Sole F85 folding treadmill 2016

This Sole folding model definitely has the feel of a commercial treadmill you my have used at the local gym. If you look around the web for further information on this model you will notice it has received very high ratings in customer reviews. However, this is not a low priced model.

If you are looking for a less expensive but quality option the LifeSpan TR 1200i folding treadmill might be the solution.

LifeSpan incline Treadmills review

Quality Inexpensive option 2016


When comparing the LifeSpan TR 1200i model (pictured above) to the Sole F85 at the top there are definitely areas of a decreased performance, the motor and the running surface are both smaller. However, the TR 1200i can make an excellent choice for someone looking to spend less.

The best overall home treadmill to buy in 2016

This is not an easy question to answer! We could definitely list a selection of what we believe are the absolute top models to buy, however, these would be the most expensive models on the market. Many people wanting advice on finding the best for their home will have limitations on how much they are willing to spend.

So instead of listing only the most expensive models as examples we believe it will be more helpful to give examples in different price ranges. We will start with some the most expensive models and work our way down in price.

3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill

This treadmill is a workhorse. If you are a runner and can afford the price tag and have the space in your home this an excellent unit with a huge motor and running surface. No matter where you look, you will find only postively outstanding reviews from owners and it also passes all our criteria checks with flying colors (motor, frame, tread belt, cushion system, warranty).

Best home treadmill for runners

3g Cardio Elite Runner’s treadmill

The price isn’t cheap but if you can afford it this is an outstanding model for runners to own. It pretty much gives you everything you could want in a home model. High quality, structurally sound, a great warranty, pre-programmed workouts, fitness tests and a host of other extras.

Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

This model first hit the market in 2013. In respect to price, this model’s price, we don’t want to call it inexpensive but it falls at about the middle of the road compared to the other models on this list.

Sole F80 folding treadmill buyers guide 2016

Sole F80 folding treadmill

One thing to note about the Sole F80 many customers say it has features that you would only expect to find on more expensive models. If you are a runner who also needs

Pro-form Pro 2000

The best running treadmills and even decent entry-level models can be expensive but you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to own a quality machine. The Pro-form Pro 2000 is a good example of not having to spend thousands of dollars to own something to run on.

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill - 2016 buyer's guide

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

The Pro-form Pro 2000 has a 3.5 horsepower motor is capable of setting a 12 MPH (5 minute mile) pace and the tread belt provides a fairly large running surface at 20 x 60 inches. The cushion system and warranty also past our test.

Don’t get us wrong we are not trying to pass this off as being equal to some of the more expensive models we have listed here but for the money this is a decent option for a person who may have budget restrictions. This model has received good overall customer reviews. Also keep in mind the company, “Pro-form” has been around for decades and the fitness equipment they produce is very much respected.

Xterra Fitness TR6.6 Treadmill

For the treadmills we have listed here the Xterra TR6.6 model (pictured below) will probably be the cheapest in price. At least it was as we put this list together at the beginning of 2016.

Xterra Fitness TR 6.6 Treadmill Review - 2016 buyers guide

Xterra Fitness TR 6.6

When we called the Xterra Fitness model cheap above we certainty didn’t mean this in a bad way. This is definitely worth checking out if you can’t afford one of the more expensive models listed here.

This is a model you can have in your home to run with. We know a 220 lbs man who runs on this model almost daily with no problems. Considering the price it passes all are criteria standards on: Motor, frame, tread belt, cushion system and warranty.

Are there any problems? Overall, the Xterra fitness model has received strong reviews and ratings from customers online. From our own testing of the model we agree with the positive remarks. But what we have read from a few customers is that push button speed and incline controls on the center console respond slow. 

Our Buyer’s Guide for 2016

The models pictured and listed above are only a few that stand-out to us as good buys in 2016. If you need more detailed information on a specific type of model for a specific use or price you can navigate the links below.

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  • Highest quality and best priced treadmills
  • Cheap treadmills
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