Do you have to (assemble) put the BowFlex TC100 Treadclimber together

by Jack on May 18, 2016

The other day we reviewed the BowFlex TC100 Treadclimber Treadmill and sometimes people ask more specific questions which we may not have fully covered. We we ask, “Do you have to (assemble) put it together?“. The answer is yes, the TC100 does not come fully assembled out of the box there will be some assemble required.

There will be a few eletric cables to connect, attaching the upright legs to the treadclimber plateform and connecting the handle bars + console unit to the upright legs. Include in the box will be a owners manual which includes and diagrams the steps the the assemble. Also, we suggest watching the following video as you put it together. If you are thinking about buying this model, watching the video will also help decide how difficult the process will be.

Also, here is a link to the BowFlex TC100’s owner’s manual a PDF file (comes in the box) showing you the required steps on paper.

If you have decided you like this model and want to own it but assembling is a problem for you there is a second option. Once the machine is delivered to your house you can call 1-800-BOWFLEX and schedule an In-Home assembly with one of their technicians. The only disadvantage of this is the cost. Don’t quote me on this but I believe it is around $250.

Note: Most, if not all treadclimbers or treadmills will require some assembly out of the box this is not uncommon.

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