Does the Welso G 5.9 Cadence Treadmill have incline?

by Jack on March 8, 2016

We received a question asking whether or not the Welso G 5.9 Cadence was an incline treadmill.

We saw many reviews and also customer comments saying this model did not have the ability to incline. However, technically, this model is an incline treadmill.

Why say technically? When looking at more expensive models on the market their incline abilities are built in to the center console with push button controls at the users fingertips. Also, these more expensive models have multiple settings (10-15) to elevate the deck higher and higher.

What the incline on Welso G 5.9 Cadence Treadmill gives you:

Manual Settings – Below there are pictures of this which might do a better job at explaining. Simply put the center console does not have push button controls allowing you to control the incline (see pictures below).

One Level – Above we stated, more expensive treadmills provide 10+ different level settings that raise the deck higher and higher. With this Welso model there is only one setting.

Pictures say 1000 words

What we tried to explain above might be better understood by looking at a couple of pictures:

Does the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill have incline feature

Flat walking surface

The picture above demonstrates the flat walking setting of this model. However, in the picture at where the red arrows are pointing. Let us be clear. The picture above, does provide a slight uphill walking surface.

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill manual incline

Manual Incline – One setting

Maybe these pictures help you to better understand? When the two little legs on the back of the deck are pushed in this creates the incline.

Technically – The Welso company does market this model as having 2 incline settings. When the legs at the back are in the up position (seen in the first picture) there is a slight incline.

If you are interested in learning more about this model and how we rate it visit the here to read a complete review. Understand, for a treadmill this is a very basic model with a very affordable price. We believe it does provide quality based on the price but again, this is a very basic model. If you are thinking you want something a little more advance but still affordable take a look at the different models we have listed here.

Also, if you are in the market for buying a cheap but good treadmill for your home, maybe this is the first time in your life that you needed to judge the quality of treadmill? If so, visit the link above where we lay out some ground rules on how to judge the quality of any model you might be interested in buying.

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