Folding and moving the Xterra fitness TR 6.6 treadmill – Is it easy

by Jack on April 29, 2016

We do have an overall review where we rate the Xterra fitness TR 6.6 treadmill since we can’t cover every single question in the review we also have a page where we handle the most common questions asked about this model.

This is a folding treadmill. One person was curious if this model was difficult to fold into the upward position and how easy it was to move around a room. Also, they wondered how flat does it fold.

As far as answering, “How flat does it fold?”. We asked for further clarification on this part of the question but never received a response. We could be completely wrong but the only thing we could imagine here is a person wanting a treadmill to lay flat for storage or maybe to store under the bed when not in use?  The Xterra fitness TR 6.6 treadmill is not a treadmill that you can fold up and then turn it over on its base to push under the bed or at least we don’t recommend you trying this.

The second part of the question, “how difficult to fold into the upward position and how easy it was to move around a room?”. It’s actually very easy to fold into the upright position. You will need to manually pick the rear of the platform up but it is designed with a lift system which helps you once you begin lifting. The average person, man or woman should have no problem folding it up.

Is it easy to push around the room?” The treadmill does have two wheel at its base to allow you to move it. It weighs around 260 pounds. Wheeling it around a room is definitely more difficult than folding it up. However, again, the average person, man or woman should be able to move it. The difficulty will also depend on the floor surface. If you are moving it on a hard floor like a cement floor in a basement its obviously going to be easier here compared to if you are wheeling it around on carpet.

See the overall review of this model

In our opinion the Xterra fitness TR 6.6 treadmill is an excellent choice in the around $1000 price range for 2016. The biggest advantages of this model is it’s powerful 3.0 CHP motor and its large running platform that is 20 x 60 – inches ( W x L). You will not find these specifications on many other treadmills at this price point. If you are a runner looking for an affordable machine this is one you will want to consider.


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