How to buy a treadmill for running – Mistake #1

by Jack on September 7, 2016

How to buy a treadmill for running

Mistake #1


If you are going to buy a treadmill for running there are different things you must be aware of or you could end up very dissatisfied with your purchase. One very important thing you will want to look at is the horsepower rating of the motor. 

There is a common problem we see with treadmills that do not have motors with enough horsepower for runners, when we read the product descriptions/specifications of these low horsepower models and look at the images companies include to showcase these models we see information that we can only call a little misleading.

Product descriptions/specifications – you will usually come across information on the motors speed, reading something like 0-10 MPH or 0-12 MPH. So reading this information the buyer will assume, a top speed of 12 MPH would be running a 5 minute mile.

Images included with treadmill advertisements – Usually there will be one or two images included showing people on the treadmill using it. Many times, in the picture the person’s stride length will give the impression that they are running.

These are not lies but are misleading – It’s important to get this point. There are models having smaller horsepower motors capable of producing MAX speeds of 10-12 MPH but we would not recommend buying these for running.

The reason?

Here’s the problem – The only reason these smaller horsepower motors can produce these speed is because they have had their revolutions per minute (RPM’s) turned up!

What does this mean? Nothing good!

This means more wear and tear, more damage to these high RPM motors. Meaning they will give the user problems in the short-term. Break downs!

Suggested amount of Horsepower (hp)

If your plans are to buy a machine for running then how much horsepower do you need?

As a rule of thumb, the lowest amount of horsepower we would recommend buying for the purpose of running is 2.5 horsepower.

This is the lowest we would recommend and of course, treadmills with more than 2.5 horsepower we would mre strongly recommend.

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