Is it Krappola for running – Horizon Fitness t101-04 Treadmill

by Jack on August 20, 2016

One of the most common questions we receive about the Horizon Fitness t101-04 Treadmill is whether or not this is a good choice for people wanting to buy a machine for running.

Also, one of the most common complaints we read online are from disappointed or even angry customers complaining and cursing about different models which did not meet their expectations for running once they got it set up in their home. From our experience, this negativity and disappointment occurs most commonly with treadmills in the around $1000 and under price range. The same price range the Horizon t101-04 treadmill falls under.

So, if your exercise plans include running, how do you make sure the treadmill you buy will work?

The two most important thing s for running 

We use a couple rules of thumb to judge whether or not a machine was built for running. We will explain these rules and what to look for. The good news, you will be able to use this information not only judge whether or not the Horizon t101-04 model is suitable for running but also apply these rules of to other models you may be interested in buying.

Two most important features for running:

  • Motor (Style and horsepower)
  • Tread belt (dimensions)

Good choice for runners?

About motors made for running: There are two things you will want to make sure of. First, when looking at different treadmills you may come across models with different motor styles. The style you want is called “continuous duty horsepower” (CHP) as these are the most durable and efficient.

Then you also need to examine the amount of horsepower. This is know perfect science but it is our opinion you will need at least 2.5 horsepower. This is the low end and of course more horsepower is better.

Dimensions of the tread belt:  Obviously, a person’s stride length increases as they go from walking to jogging to running. So this would mean if you are buying a treadmill for the purpose of exercising by running you will want to make sure the tread belt is long enough to accommodate the increased stride length.

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As a rule of thumb, a treadmill must have at least a 55-inch long tread belt for us to recommend it for running.

How does the Horizon Fitness t101-04 Treadmill stack up?

Would we recommend model for running?

If you have read over the product description or specification of the Horizon Fitness model you should have noticed the tread belt dimensions are 55 x 20 – inches (L x W) so with 55-inches of the length it passes this required criteria.

Tread belt length (55 inches) passes.

Now, let’s look at what the motor provides. It is the right style a CHP. However, it’s only 2.25 horsepower. Because this the lower horsepower than 2.5 horsepower the motor does not pass the test for running.

Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill review

But wait the specifications say…

If you have read the specifications or product description of the Horizon Fitness t101-04 Treadmill then maybe you came across where it said this model was capable of producing a 10 MPH pace.

Isn’t 10 MPH considered running?

Yes! But here’s the thing. Yes, you could buy this treadmill and set it up in your home and turn the speed controls to the maximum and run on it at 10 MPH.

However, this is a smaller 2.25 horsepower motor. To produce the same 10 MPH speed as a larger motor this smaller motor will need to run at higher revolutions per minute (RPM’s) over time running at higher RPM’s will increase motor to breakdown and failure.

Overall, we do not recommend buying the Horizon Fitness t101-04 Treadmill to run on if you want a treadmill that will last over the long-term.

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