Is the ProForm Power 995i a comfortable home treadmill

by Jack on March 10, 2016

How comfortable is the Cushion System?

The other day we were asked to rate the cushion system of the ProForm Power 995i.

When it comes to judging the quality of any home treadmill the cushion system is one of the most important areas to examine. This is an area which should be important all people. But especially important to those who already have feet or joint problems and also to slightly older athletes who want to keep exercising but have lost some of the bounce in their step.

Name of the system

This model comes equipped with ProForm’s patented ProShox™ cushion system. Throughout the years we have had the opportunity to test many different treadmill models from just about every company in the industry. While we do no rate the ProShox™ cushion system as being the absolute best system, we do believe it is more than adequate for walkers, joggers and also runners.

The ProForm Power 995i is in the $1000 price rangethe level of comfort provided compares well to other top models in this priced range. But as you can imagine, models costing thousands of dollars more will outperform.

Another consideration to understand

First we want to say, while “the built-in cushion system” of a treadmill is important this isn’t the only aspect to look at when judging overall comfort. This might not be obvious but you also need to look at the type of material the “frame and deck” was built from.

Two common material types

  • Steel
  • Aluminum

Which material do you think provides more comfort as your foot hits the deck? This might be counter-intuitive some but the correct answer is steel. Aluminum decks have more of a deadpan feel when your foot hits down. Steel on the other hand transfers energy much better and provides a little bounce or “comfort” to your step.

In case you were wondering, the frame and deck of the ProForm Pro 995i is indeed built out of steel.

If you are interested in this model and need further information visit our overall review and learn how we rate it and the pro’s and con’s about buying this for your home.

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