LifeSpan TR200 Compact Treadmill Review

by Jack on October 26, 2015

Let us first say, the main advantage of the LifeSpan TR200 treadmill is how small and compact it is and we understand this is an important requirement for some people. However, before we start our review on what we like and don’t like, we do want to make it clear, this is not our number #1 choice at this price range.

Our top choice at this price range would be the Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill (read the review). Yes, this model is larger and heavier. But overall it’s a superior treadmill.  Also, this Horizon model is a folding treadmill so it does have the potential to save space if that’s what you really need.

lifespan fitness tr200 fold n stor compact treadmill

Lifespan TR200 fold n stor treadmill

What you need to watch for

There are main areas to look at when determining the overall quality. These are, the motor, frame, tread belt and warranty.

Motor – This model has a Continuous Duty Motor Horsepower motor (CHP). This is what you want, as it is the most durable and efficient type of motor. No matter which treadmill model you end up buying make sure the motor is a CHP.

With that said, CHP motors come in different sizes (horsepower) this LifeSpan TR200 compact treadmill has a 1.5 horsepower. This is fairly small, this model is going to work best for walkers, maybe some light jogging. The top speed of the motor is 6 MPH This is not a good choice for runners.

Frame – Overall the frame is sturdy but keep in mind the weight capacity for this model is 250 lbs. So while it is sturdy it also has it’s limitations.

Tread belt – This is what you will be walking, jogging or running on. The dimensions of the belt are 17 x 48 – inches (W x L)

Lifespan fitness tr200 folding treadmill review

Folds for easy storage

Warranty – This is a decent warranty

  • Lifetime for frame
  • 5- years on motor
  • 1-year on parts and labor

Other extras to mention

Compact – If you are looking for a very compact treadmill this is probably the best in this price range. The dimensions of this model are 52 x 31 x 60 – inches (H x W x D).

Folding – Besides being compact, it also folds down to make it even smaller when not in use. It folds down to 11-inches thick and can easily fit under the bed or in a closet for out of the way storage.

Incline – This treadmill inclines 10 different incline settings

LCD display console – This is where the controls and readouts are located, in front of you at your fingertips. Touch button controls for start and stop, also speed and incline controls.

LifeSpan TR200 compact treadmill review

LCD Center Console: Controls and Readouts

Readouts include: Time, distance, heart rate, speed and incline level.

Audio – Built in speakers and headphones plug in easily.

The bottom line

The LifeSpan TR200 treadmill has been around for a few years, receiving many positive remarks from satisfied customers. We do like this model and we can see how it can meet the needs of certain people. Specifically, those who need a smaller, more compact machine.

However, if compactness is not a major concern we would recommend a different model at this price range, the Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill.

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