Motor rating of the Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill

by Jack on March 11, 2016

Is the motor that comes with the Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill dependable? Or will it break down? Is it powerful enough for a person who wants a home treadmill to run on?

Review of the motor

Quality Motor?

Obviously, the motor is an important area you will want information on before buying any home treadmill model. But you may not know how to interpret the information. Below we layout three important areas to judge. What information you need to look for in a product description and/or specification and how to interpret the information to reach an educated conclusion.

The following method can be applied to any model.

Three important areas to judge

  • Quality and dependability
  • Performance
  • Warranty

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Overall quality and dependability – Basically what we mean here is will it last over the long term or will it be giving you problems soon after you start using it?

There are a few different types of motors used on treadmills. By far and away the “Continuous Duty Horsepower” usually designated by the acronym CHP is the style of you want. This style is easily the most durable and efficient, we do not recommend buying any model that doesn’t have a CHP.

***The Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill does have a CHP so we give it a high rating in areas of overall quality and dependability.

Power and performance – If your intent is to buy a model to run on then knowing the “performance” rating should be high on your list. As we said above, we do give this motor a high rating in the category of “quality and dependability”, however, this says nothing about its performance levels.

It’s all about horsepower. Some may tell you differently but as a rule of thumb, “the smallest horsepower we recommend for running” is 2.5 HP. The Horizon Fitness model comes just short of this recommendation with its 2.25 horsepower CHP.

As we mentioned above, the smallest we recommend for running is 2.5 horsepower. However, we have read in certain reviews and comments from customers where they have left positive remarks about running with this model. If it works for them great! However, one piece of information we would find interesting and useful from these “positive people” is how big are they? How much do they weigh?

Obviously, a lighter person puts much less stress on a motor. A smaller person can get away with running on a less. We have no way of providing metrics on the maximum user weight for running on a 2.25 CHP. With that said, if you are a runner, especially if you are a larger person over 200 pounds, we would recommend looking into models with a 2.5 or larger CHP, one example would be the ProForm Power 995i Treadmill which has a very comparable price.

***Good for walkers and joggers, performance levels are slightly below what we would recommend for runners. Could work as a running model for lighter people.

>>> Read our overall review of this model<<<

Warranty – This is a great place to look understand quality. For instance, if you manufactured and sold a product would you provide your customers with a lifetime guarantee if you knew your product was junk? Of course not!

***The warranty provides a lifetime guarantee on the motor. We rate this as excellent!

The Bottom Line

Taking the price of this model into consideration we give the motor a B rating. It is quality as well as dependable and also offers an excellent warranty. This will satisfy the needs of walkers and joggers. However, when it comes to running it may perform OK for lighter weight runners, however, if you can afford to spend a bit more we would recommend find a model with more horsepower.

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