Nautilus T614 Treadmill Review – Good Home Choice?

by Jack on November 6, 2015

A good home treadmill review

A good home treadmill?

What do we like about the Nautilus T614 Treadmill and what do we think could be better? Is this a good buy or are there other models you need to look at in this price range? These are some of the questions we will provide answers to in the following review.

The last time we checked this model was selling for under $1000, a fairly inexpensive price to pay for a home treadmill. We will tell (warn) you, finding a quality treadmill at this price range can be a bit tricky.

If you want the highest quality machine for the money, don’t base your decision on built-in speakers, a special app or programmed work-outs. What you need to pay most attention to: Motor, tread belt, frame, cushion and warranty.

This is not to say this model doesn’t provide any extras, it does. It has a large LCD center console with push button controls, provides incline (12% grade), it has 22 preset workout programs, heart rate monitor, built in speakers, a USB port.

Motor – A 2.75 CHP with a top speed of 12 MPH. So if you do plan on running this motor can create 5 minute mile pace. If you didn’t know, the acronym CHP stands for Continuous Duty Rate Horsepower motor.

When shopping you may come across a couple different types of motors: Peak Duty and Treadmill Rated. We highly recommend staying away from models that run on these types. The CHP is much more efficient and durable. It also runs the tread belt much smoother.

Overall opinion – While 2.75 horsepower isn’t the largest overall, it is the largest we have seen at this price range and it’s the best type a CHP.

The Nautilus T614 passes the test in this category.

Tread Belt – This is what spins around and around, where you walk, jog or run. What’s important to consider here, the size of the belt (length x width) and its construction. The belt is 1-ply construction and 55-inches (L) x 20-inches (W).

If you have ever exercised on a commercial treadmill at a gym the tread belt on this Nautilus model isn’t quite as large. However, people of all different sizes and heights should have no problem feeling comfortable exercising in this space.

About the construction – Its only 1-ply, this is not the highest quality. It’s not going to rip into pieces when you turn it on but its obviously not as high quality or as durable as say a 3-ply belt.

We don’t give the tread belt flying colors but overall its acceptable. There are certain quality standards that will be lacking when you buy an inexpensive model. And remember, we mentioned, “warranty” as a very important aspect to consider when buying a treadmill.

Frame – Not too exciting to talk about but obviously important. If the frame breaks, the entire machine becomes inoperable. Like the tread belt this is another important area to have covered by the warranty.

The frame and body are mainly constructed out of molded steel. Not as thick as more expensive models but for the price range it falls in the construction competes well in quality. The quality can be interpreted by the user maximum weight capacity which is 300 lbs.

This means the frame has been tested and rated to support a 300 pound person, walking, jogging, running. There are models that can support over 400 pounds (high priced models) and their are cheaper models that can barely support 250 pounds.

This is a folding treadmill with a controlled drop. 

Cushioning – When running or walking you want the lowest level of strain and the highest level of comfort possible. This will help extend your work-out and help prevent injuries.

The Nautilus T614 Treadmill features the company’s patented StrikeZone 4 Cell cushioning system. Nautilus claims this system provides unparalleled comfort for the smoothest run you will ever experience.

We aren’t about to go all in and say it’s the “best ever with no equals” but what we will say is it does provide a high level of comfort especially for a model costing under $1000.

Warranty –  Always look over the warranty before buying any treadmill. While not the best in the industry this model does provide decent insurance in case a problem occurs:

  • 10-years on the two most important parts the frame and the motor
  • 2-years on mechanical and electronics
  • 1-year labor

The Bottom Line

As we mentioned at the top of this review, to ensure you are buying a quality treadmill for your home the five most important aspects to consider are: Motor, tread belt, frame, cushion and warranty.

If you base your decision on whether or not a model includes a certain special app, built in work-out programs, or other cosmetic extras then you may fool yourself into buying a mistake.

The extras are nice to have but when making your decision you need to look at the meat and potatoes: Motor, tread belt, frame, cushion and warranty.

Compared to other models in it’s price range (under $1000), the Nautilus T614 Treadmill, overall, does rate high in the areas mentioned above. If we had to choose a “biggest con or weakness“, we might point to the tread belt being only 1-ply.

If you are a person who has mainly exercised on expensive commercial models at gyms, the Nautilus T614 Treadmill isn’t as high quality as these models. These gym models usually cost between $3000-5000 or more. So of course it’s not going to be as high quality since it costs only a fraction of the price.

If you now are only beginning to look for a home treadmill and if your budget is around a thousand dollars then you might find the following resource useful.

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