NordicTrack C 1650 Treadmill Review

by Jack on March 27, 2016

NordicTrack C 1650 Treadmill Review

This is a review of the NEW 2016 version of this model. There our many thing to like about this model from the powerful motor to the long 60″ track. This version also comes web enabled with a 10″ touchscreen. Another feature that many people are liking is the iFIT application. Through the use of Google maps technology this allows the user to walk or running any place in the world!

NordicTrack C 1650 Treadmill Review

If you are familiar with the older version of this model then you should notice some newly added functions on the 2016 NordicTrack C 1650. One of these is the addition of decline to the running deck.  As far as we know this is one of the most affordable models providing the ability to decline.

More exercise programs. These are great for goal setting and monitoring performance. There’s a total of 34 programs designed by certified trainers. They are divided into different areas such as: 9 for weight loss and calorie burning, 8 for general fitness and heart rate, 8 for speed training and 9 centered around incline workouts. These all come downloaded into the system and are simple to get started with from day one.

Touch screen for web browsing. Need to read your email? Watch a YOUTUBE video? Included with this model is a full color 10-inch touch screen enabled for web browsing. This is a wireless set-up that will need to connect to your home’s WiFi.

Some people absolutely love using this next function. This 2016 version comes iFIT enabled. This application provides a few different functions. First, through the use of Google Maps it allows you to walk or run any place in the world. It also provides the ability to customize your workouts and download new workouts. The iFIT does require a subscription at and to enabled it you must also have a wireless internet connection.

One of the most important things you should look at when buying a treadmill is the warranty provided. This model comes with a strong warranty which provides a lifetime guarantee on both the motor and frame and then 5 years on parts (including electronics) and 2 years on labor.

Check out the price and customer reviews at AMAZON.

In-depth look at the features 

...the motor, frame and running platform

Without these you will probably not be getting many workouts in. A 3.5 continuous duty horsepower motor (CHP), a welded steel frame and a 60 inch long tread belt. These are all excellent specification for a treadmill in this price range.

You can run, walk or jog. Exercise however you want. But the specifications listed above for the motor, frame and belt list are excellent for a person looking for a high quality but still affordable home treadmill for running.

NordicTrack C 1650 Treadmill motor and frame


…Where are the controls at?

As previously mentioned at the top of the page the 2016 version of this treadmill comes with a web enabled 10″ full color touch screen. This provides the user with various functions.

First it allows you to browse the web with a swipe of the finger. Check and read your email, keep up with social networking on Facebook, pull up and watch a YOUTUBE video. Whatever your normal web browsing activities are this touch screen keeps you connected as you exercise.

This screen is also where the user will look to check the details of their workout progress. If you choose to use the iFIT application this color touch screen is where this will also be displayed.

NordicTrack C 1650 Treadmill honest review


…But where are the speed controls

If you have ever used a treadmill, the speed controls of this model are located in the exact same place as most every treadmill on the market. They are push button controls which allow the user to either decrease or increase the speed from 0 – 12 MPH. The speed adjustments work automatically and instantly as you push the buttons.


…Increasing the incline

These are also buttons located in familiar places that allow the user to instantaneously change the grade of their workout. Increase and decrease the grade from 0 to 12% incline.

NordicTrack C 1650 Treadmill incline and decline


…But you said it had decline

As seen above is a partial image of the center console. On the left are the buttons that will be pushed to control the incline “up and down” this is also where you will be controlling the decline. To do this you keep pushing the “down” incline button to reduce the grade from 0 to -3%.

As we mentioned at the top of the page, this is one of the least expensive models we know of that includes the ability to decline. This is a useful feature to have as it will allow the use to stimulate different groups of muscles during their workout.


…34 Workout programs

Some people prefer controlling the speed and the incline of the workouts themselves via the button controls. However, ss previously mentioned the model does include 34 workout programs designed by certified trainers.

These programs range in both intensity and purpose. Some are designed for weight loss and while others for general fitness and high intensity training. The speed and incline will automatically adjust according to how each workout is designed.

While you are not required to use any of these exercise programs they can be very useful. If you have a specific goal like weight loss or endurance training but are not exactly sure the best approach you can fail back on the wisdom of the trainers who designed workouts for these specific goals.

The programs can also be motivational in that they track performance over time and provide the user with feedback on their performance.

…iFit application

… iFIT enabled

This machine is iFIT enabled, again just as with the workout programs you are not required to use this application. We have spoke of the the iFIT throughout this page but would like to give you some more specific information on the features and benefits it provides:

  • EXPERIENCE: Run or walk anywhere in the world via Google Maps
  • EXERCISE: The ability to download more exercise programs
  • MOTIVATION: Compare results to others in the iFIT community
  • SET GOALS: Time, distance, speed, calories burnt
  • FEEDBACK: Tracks your performance over time and grade your results
  • EDUCATIONAL: A host of videos to watch and learn from.

We do want to note, in order to use the iFIT application you must be a member of the community and there is a subscription charge, the last time we looked at it was a $9.99/month charge. Furthermore, you must also have a wireless internet connection.


…Does it fold?

The space saver design allows it to fold up into an almost upright setting. This is a plus for people living in smaller spaces and also provides advantages when it comes to cleaning, storage and transportation. Also what should be noted is whether folding it up or folding it down to exercise, the built in telescoping EasyLift shock system does most of the lifting for you.

NordicTrack C 990 is a folding treadmill review


…Duel cooling fans

Mounted in the center of the console are a pair of cooling fans. This is the “AutoBreeze” system. The fans automatically turn on as you exercise and adjust according to the intensity of your workout. For example, if a person is doing light walking the fans will be activated at a minimal level, if at all. On the other hand if a person is running at the highest speed the fans will automatically be turned on to the maximum level.

NordicTrack C 1650 Treadmill incline and decline

…Monitor your heart rate

Built into the side bars is the “CardioGrip” which when you grip this area with your hands provides feedback on your heart rate. If you are a person who wants or needs to have feedback on your heart rate as you exercise this system is both accurate and provides a fairly fast instantaneous reading when you need it.


… heart rate monitor

This treadmill is equipped with a “CardioGrip” heart rate monitor. This helps you to make the most out of every workout by monitoring your heart rate via sensors that are built into the handlebars.

Not everyone takes the time to monitor and record their heart rate but doing so can be very effective in reaching and surpassing goals. For instance, if you know your heart rate when first exercising on the NordicTrack C 1650 and if you track your heart rate over time this can provide you with valuable information. Most importantly, it can provide valuable information for when you need to increase the intensity of your workouts.

When you notice your heart rate is lower after doing the same exact workout compared to a month ago this is telling you to increase the intensity of your workout.

…Tablet holder and iPod

… tablet holder, iPod

The model provides both a tablet holder at top (seen in the image below) and it’s also iPOD compatible.

The tablet holder fits is able to hold almost any tablet, from small to full size in a secure position. Besides being secure the holder is positioned at a convenient range  to allow comfortable use of the tablet.

If you want to listen to your favorite music through your iPAD, this treadmill is iPAD and MP3 compatible and also provides stereo speakers.

Features and specifications and stuff

This could easily be a long list, so we will only mention what we think are the most important areas:


  • 3.5 horsepower CHP Dur X commercial motor
  • 60 inch lengthen platform for running
  • Over 30 professional designed workouts
  • Folding
  • Full color 10″ touch screen
  • Web Browsing
  • Touch speed and incline controls
  • Decline
  • Grip heart rate monitor
  • Dual “AutoBreeze fans
  • Folding for space saving
  • iPode speaker port
  • Tablet holder

Water bottle holder


  • 3.5 CHP motor, top speed 12 MPH
  • Welded steel frame
  • 325 lbs weight capacity
  • Running platform 20 by 60 inches ( width x length)
  • Rollers are 2 and half inches in diameter
  • 0 – 12 MPH
  • 12% grade inclineon the
  • -3% decline
  • Warranty provides a lifetime guarantee on both motor and frame

2016 NordicTrack C 1650 overall rating

Price Vs. value we give this model an outstanding rating. We say this because, not only does it provide quality in the core features: 3.5 horsepower motor, a welded steel frame, a 60-inch running platform and a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame but it also provides useful accessories like being iFit enabled, a 10 inch color touch screen to browse the web. 34 exercise programs to address specific goals.

The warranty on this C 1650 model includes a lifetime guarantee on the motor and frame.

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