NordicTrack Elite 7700 Treadmill review – Good for home runners?

by Jack on August 15, 2016

The NordicTrack Elite 7700 Treadmill is a perfect example of why we decided to start a website reviewing treadmills. Browsing the internet for information on this model we came upon more than one site providing information. While these sites do provide accurate information on the specifications and features, beyond this these sites provide the buyer little insight on how to judge overall quality.

The approach this site takes in reviewing models is a little different. We do not care what extras (incline? does it fold-up? how many exercise programs, etc.) may or may not be included. Instead. our purpose is to provide usable information which will not only help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of this NordicTrack Elite machine but also help you compare it to other models you might be interested in.

NordicTrack Elite 7700 Treadmill good for runners?

NordicTrack Elite 7700 Treadmill

How will this help you choose a home treadmill?

You are probably smart at what you do in life but like most normal people, you probably don’t spend any time at all thinking about treadmills until you want to buy one. But with so many different models to choose from at virtually every price point this leaves you at a bit of a disadvantage in knowing how to judge the best buy for your money.

In this review of the NordicTrack Elite 7700 Treadmill, we concentrate on explaining the FIVE MOST IMPORTANT areas of a treadmill. You will actually be able to take this information and apply to it any other treadmill you might also be interested in.

NordicTrack Elite 7700 – 5 most important areas

Area #1 – Motor

The importance of the motor should be obvious. But what exactly do you need to look for when judging the quality of a treadmill motor? There are two main attributes you will want to be aware of:

  • Style
  • Horsepower

About Style: When looking at treadmills to buy there are a few different motor styles you may come across. For example, there’s “Peak Duty” and “Treadmill Duty” styles. We would recommend staying away from purchasing any model with either of these.

Instead, you will want to make sure to buy a model with a “Continuous Duty Horsepower” motor (CHP) as this is the most efficient and durable type of motor. has a very good educational article explaining the differences between these three styles of motors.

About Horsepower: The article linked above is also a good place to read to understand horsepower. The amount of horsepower a motor has is most important to those who are buying a treadmill for running rather than walking or jogging. As a rule of thumb, we recommend at least a 2.5 horsepower motor for running.

Does the NordicTrack Elite 7700 Treadmill’s motor receiving a passing grade? Yes. Included with this model is a 4.0 horsepower CHP motor. The right style and more than enough horsepower for people who are wanting to buy a treadmill for heavy-duty day-to-day running.

This motor should last over the long-term it is very similar to what you would find on commercial treadmills at your local gym.

Area #2 – Tread Belt (Exercise Platform)

There are two attributes of the tread belt you should be aware of: Ply (thickness) and dimensions. Also, by the way, just as we mentioned above about certain specifications for the motor (CHP and horsepower) being important the dimensions of a tread belt are also a very important attribute to examine when buying a treadmill to run on.

Ply: Thickness of belts vary from 1-ply to 3-ply. Cheaper treadmill models usually come with the thinnest 1-ply belts. The majority of models on the market will come will 2-ply belts.

Dimensions: If you only plan to exercise by walking or jogging you can get away with having a more narrow and shorter belt. Tread belt dimensions are most important for people buying a treadmill for running.

Dimensions for runners: As a rule of thumb, for running we would recommend at least a tread belt of 55-inches in length and 20-inches in length. This is another positive about the NordicTrack Elite 7700 Treadmill because it has tread belt dimensions of 22 by 60 inches (W x L).

NordicTrack Elite 7700 12 MPH CHP motor for runners

Area #3 – Frame

A treadmill’s frame might not be at the top of your list of features. But this is a vital area to understand. There are two primary types of materials used to build frames: Steel and aluminum.

We highly recommend steel frames over those built with aluminum.

Steel provides two main advantages. First, compared to aluminum, steel fits together much tighter, as a result this steel framed treadmills are quieter.

Secondly, steel flexes while aluminum stays more rigid. This means as your foot hits down as you exercise steel provides a bit of a bounce in your step compared to more a deadpan feeling you get when exercising on an aluminum frame.

The frame of the NordicTrak 7700 is manufactured from steel. 

Area #4 – Cushion System

A good cushion system helps take the stress off your joints to prevent injury. Which treadmill or company has the best cushion system? This is difficult question to answer.

The reason it is difficult to answer. There have been times when we have asked for feedback from people on different cushion systems. Of course when the comparison was between a much more expensive model and a less expensive model the winner was clear. But when the survey is between two models in the same price range the winner becomes less clear.

Some people like model A but others will tell you model B is the most comfortable. How do we explain these differences between people? From company to company, different designs of cushion systems are probably work better for people with specific body mechanics.

Our suggestion: Overall, any name brand will provide a decent level of comfort especially when you get into the more mid to higher-end models like the NordicTrack 7700.

 Area #5 – Warranty

To show how important we believe it is we could have easily placed warranty at the top of the list. Cheaper treadmills usually have weaker guarantees but when you are buying a treadmill in the price range of this NordicTrack Elite 7700 model there are certain guarantees you should expect to find in the warranty.

Before we even look at this model’s warranty, what you should expect at this price point:

  • Lifetime guarantee motor
  • Lifetime guarantee frame
  • 2-5 years on parts
  • 1 year on labor

Now, we will look what this model’s warranty actually provides. Will it meet the requirements listed above?

  • Lifetime guarantee motor
  • Lifetime guarantee frame
  • 5 years on parts
  • 1 year on labor

As you can see above this model does provide a good warranty. The most important areas to look at are “motor and frame“, if you are paying close to $1000 or more for a treadmill you should expect to receive lifetime guarantees on both the motor and frame. If you are looking at a model in this price range ($1000+) and don’t see these types of guarantees this should make you question the quality of the model you are looking at.

NordicTrack Elite 7700 Treadmill good for runners?

NordicTrack Elite 7700 under 2000 dollars for runners

NordicTrack Elite 7700 Treadmill – good for the money?

If you spend some time online researching this model you will come across some conflicting views. Amazon customer ratings is a good place to start to see the conflict. Some give it 5-stars while other give it 1-star. Most of the people leaving 1-star ratings are complaining about NordicTrack customer service.

Further more about these customer reviews found on Amazon (both good and bad) none of these customers are listed as verified purchases. So we take then with a grain of salt.

When writing a review one of our favorite sites to compare our thoughts is the owners of this site have been around for a long time and we feel they also provide honest and accurate information on the models they review.

All in all, rating of the NordicTrack 7700 Elite Treadmill is very similar to our own. Especially, for those who want to buy a home treadmill for running. There are other models you might want to consider but the 4.0 CHP motor and the 22 x 60 -inch ( W x L) tread belt make the NordicTrack 7700 a very attractive buy for runners at this price point.

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