Nordictrack Elite 9700 Pro Treadmill – Runner’s Review

by Jack on September 27, 2015

Of course the Nordictrack Elite 9700 Pro treadmill is not the perfect machine, the over $2000 price tag is probably the most common complaint we hear. Not everyone will be able to afford it.

Realistically, if you are will to spend this much, this machine is awesome to have in the home. When writing this review in 2015, the price tag for this model was $2299.

Do you need to spend this much? 

NordicTrack Elite 9700 Pro is made for runners

NordicTrack Elite 9700 Pro

The answer comes down to what your exercise plans? Do you see a lot of running in your future?

Or do you mainly plan on walking and jogging your way to fitness?

Not to say you can’t walk or jog on the Nordictrack Elite 9700 Pro treadmill but this model was designed with runners in mind.

This is a great choice for serious runners. It provides the motor, the platform, the cushion needed for this higher intensity work-out.

Who shouldn’t buy it

If you want to buy it, that’s fine, it’s your money. This is definitely one of the best treadmills to buy for the home.

But we have to say, if your workouts will mainly include walking and jogging with minimal running, there are many more affordable options that will perform just as well.

Treadmills suggestions for walking and jogging.

The Elite 9700 Pro model was designed for runners, it was designed to handle the higher stress levels running produces compared to walking and jogging.

It was designed to handle the regular work-out regimes of long distance runners and sprinters.

The quality in the build 

Includes 15% grade incline

Includes 15% grade incline

Why does it cost so much? To be considered a high quality model for running, a treadmill needs a higher quality motor, frame and cushion system, compared to a model(s) used primarily for walking and jogging work-outs.

Two other qualities that are must have’s a larger platform (both in width and length) and also a bulletproof warranty.

Nordictrack Elite 9700 Pro treadmill meets and exceeds all the requirements mentioned above. This is why this NordicTrack model has such a hefty price tag of over $2000.

But what if you don’t want to pay this much? Do cheaper options made for running exist Although on average this style of treadmill will cost more there are more affordable options.

We don’t mean to confuse you

The above wasn’t to complain about the Nordictrack Elite 9700 Pro treadmill or to say it’s overpriced but rather to point out you may not need to drop over $2000. Unless you plan to spend the majority of your time running, your work-out regime probably doesn’t require such a high priced model.

And still, even if you do plan on running a lot there are still less expensive options that can handle this activity.

The Bottom Line

With that said, we do rate the Nordictrack Elite 9700 Pro treadmill as an excellent model for home use. In all core qualities it passes with flying colors:

  • 4.25 CHP motor
  • Solid frame
  • Adjustable cushion system
  • 20 x 62 (width x length) running platform
  • One of the best warranties in the industry. Lifetime guarantees on the motor and frame. 5-years on accessory parts and labor.

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