Phoenix 98510 Manual Running Machine

by Jack on September 6, 2015

the Phoenix 98510 Manual Running MachineThey call it the “easy-up” because it folds up to save space when not in use.

Besides the ability to fold, comparing the bells and whistles on the Phoenix 98510 Manual Running Machine (Price: $156) or the lack thereof, to the larger more expensive treadmills on the market, there is no comparison.

The Phoenix is a very simple exercise machine which doesn’t even have a motor.

However, for all it does lack in features, this little manual running machine might just give you the best calorie burning workout of your life. Or it might be the perfect addition to your home gym when you want a change-up in your work-out.

Walking, jogging. And running?

inexpensive folding treadmillIn the image above, notice, the inclined of the running platform seen in the image on the right. This is set at a 12.5% grade incline. It can not be adjusted, neither increased or decreased.

Other features

  • The flywheel used to propel the machine is smooth and quiet.
  • Locks in the folded position.
  • Digital center console displays – time, distance, speed, calories.
  • Walking surface size – 41 by 13 inches

As we already mentioned, there’s not a motor to propel the belt, you will be doing this with your legs and feet.

Many people have bought the Phoenix 98510 Manual Running Machine for walking and occasional light jogging.

We hear many people saying you can’t run on this machine. This is simply not true, you can run on it and it has a weight capacity to support a 250 pound person.

More than likely, the reason why many say you can’t run on this manual treadmill is because it’s difficult. To run for a considerable amount of time requires a person in very good physical condition.

If you are not in great physical shape this doesn’t mean you can’t run on it. It just means you will have to take your time to build and improve your abilities.

Your first attempt, maybe you can only go a minute but if you are disciplined and keep trying to improve, in a couple months you will see improvements. And isn’t seeing improvements, the best thing, about working out something that keeps you going.

Conclusion – Most common mistakes

The two most common mistakes or misconceptions customer make when buying the Phoenix 98510 Manual Running Machine.

The first common mistake people make is they buy this manual machine thinking it will provide them with an easy work-out. The truth is you will need to be in fairly good cardiovascular shape to be able to walk, jog or run for any extended amount of time.

Not saying you can’t set goals and build your strength and endurance and increase the amount of time you are able to continuously operate the machine. But don’t make the mistake thinking this is an easy exercise machine.

The second common mistake is expecting this machine which costs around $150 to be equally as nice as a treadmill costing $1000 – 2000. This is unrealistic and we believe this is a major reason for the complaints you may come across.

Although we believe this machine provides an excellent work-out, if you want something a little more comfortable and easier to use, an upgrade in features, here are a few inexpensive suggestions to consider:

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