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by Jack on October 18, 2015


Why are you interested in the ProForm Performance 300 Treadmill? The low price? Have you read any negative reviews on this model? We read an extremely negative review at

While we don ‘t believe this treadmill is the best choice at this price point (see our homepage for top choices) we didn’t understand the logic used at the site.

They couldn’t recommend this model because it’s not meant for running. We happen to agree, the 2.0 horsepower motor isn’t made for running. But with that said, not every person interested in buying a treadmill for their home is interested in running. Walking and jogging are also an exercise option.

ProForm Performance 300 Treadmill review

Another problem area in their review they go on to recommend a couple $2000+ models. Currently (2015) most places have the ProForm Performance 300 Treadmill for sale at around $500. We could be wrong but a person looking to spend around $500 probably isn’t looking for information or recommendation on the best models costing around $2000.

Lastly, how wise is it to rate and draw conclusions on the quality of an inexpensive model vs. models costing 4-times as much? Many people need a cheap but decent model.

As we said, we don’t believe this is the best option but considering price vs. value relationship, we don’t believe it’s a pile of junk either

Positives: When buying a treadmill there are main features to consider that must be considered first. Namely, frame, motor, tread belt, cushion system and warranty. Considering it’s relatively low price the ProForm Performance 300 Treadmill preforms decently in all areas mentioned above.

Cheap Treadmill for walking

Center Console

The frame and overall build are the most impressive attributes of this model. This may not sound too exciting but without this you have nothing. The durability of frame will provide years of use and also allows for a person up to 300 lbs to use it for exercise.

The warranty, also not exciting but very important.  Not the best warranty in the industry but still very good considering the price. Five-year warranty on both the Frame & Motor and 90-day on Parts & Labor.

What about the motor it runs on? The motor is a Continuous Duty Rated (CHP) for horse power. No matter which treadmill you decide to buy, we highly make sure the motor is a CHP. There are two other types of motors you may come across when shopping, these are Treadmill Duty and Peak Duty rated. Stay away from these two.

The CHP motor type is the strongest, most durable and also provides the smoothest performance. These are commercial grade motors.

In inches, the tread belt measures 18×50 (width x length). This is a decent size platform to exercise with. I am 6-1 tall and when testing this model out the 50 inches was long enough for me to take my normal running strides.

What about the cushion system? Cushioning is most important to people who will be running on a treadmill. Walkers, joggers not so much. This system is nothing to brag about when compared to more expensive models but yes, it is there and provides a certain amount of comfort when running.

Any extras to brag about? Again, relative to the inexpensive price the ProForm Performance 300 Treadmill does provide a few accessory features that one might not expect to find.

There’s a nice center console with an LCD screen that shows the time and distance and below the screen you will find the push button controls for start and stop, speed (increase and decrease) and also where you control the incline.

There’s also a nice little fan that kicks out a breeze to cool you down when you need it and there’s input for portable musical devices like an iPod or smart phone. There’s also a nice little ridge on the console that allows the user to set a Kindle, tablet, iPad or book or magazine.


When we tested this model it was only for about an hour. We didn’t experience any problems but don’t own it, we have not used it over the long-term.

But we can tell you certain things based on the specifications, we will also share what we have heard from some owners.

From the specifications what can we tell you:

Above we spoke about this model having a CHP motor, saying this is the type of motor you want. This is true, however, these motors come in different sizes.

This one comes with a 2.0 CHP, meaning 2.0 horsepower. Although it can reach a speed of 10 MPH for runners it’s too small to be ran at this speed for the majority of it’s use.

It’s sufficient for walkers and joggers but don’t buy it if you plan to use it for high level workouts.

Bad complaints from customers:

We are very hesitant to include this since these complaints do not match either our experience nor the majority of user reviews we have read on the internet.

The majority have expressed satisfaction with their purchase but there are a few a reviews saying this model is complete junk. But they give zero specifics on what the problem is they only say it’s crap it doesn’t work.

Judge for yourself, read the same reviews we read.

The Bottom Line:

The ProForm Performance 300 Treadmill is capable of being a good home fitness machine for people who plan to exercise by walking or jogging.

Not saying you can not turn it up a notch every so often to run on, it’s capable of 10 MPH speeds but this model is not for a person who plans to run on a regular basis.

While we wouldn’t laugh at you if you did decide to buy it, we don’t consider this model the best in it’s price range, see our top choices.

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