ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill Review

by Jack on July 12, 2016

We have read many other reviews on the ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill while some do provide good information they seem not to stress the most important details a consumer should know before making a decision on whether to buy or not.

Here we want to get to the point and rate the most important features you need to judge before buying a treadmill. The following can be applied to any treadmill model you might be interested in buying (See below the picture).

ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill review

Review and Rating


Most important – ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill

Rule #1 -Motor.  You must look at both the style and size (horsepower) of a motor. There are a few different styles of motors you might come across during your search for the right treadmill. We only recommend buying a model if it has a Continuous Duty Rated (CHP) motor as this is the most durable ad efficient type. Buying any other type is likely to lead to a lot of problems in the long-term. You have been warned!

How much horsepower (hp)? This is most important for people who are wanting to buy a machine to run on. As a rule of thumb, if your goal is to run, the smallest amount of horsepower we would recommend is 2.5 hp.

Confusion: As we said, 2.5 horsepower is the smallest we would recommend for people who are looking to bring a running treadmill into their home. This may cause some confusion for some people reading over the description and specifications of treadmill models with motors under 2.5 hp.

For example you may be looking at a model with a 2.0 hp motor then it will say the machine top speed is 10 MPH. Then you might think 10 MPH is a running pace. You would be right to think this.

However, the reason we would not recommend a buying treadmill with a smaller 2.0 hp motor for running is because this small motor will need to run at high revolutions per minute (RPM’s) compared to a larger motor in order to produce this top speed of 10 MPH. Running at higher RPM’s will result in decreasing the durability of the motor and ultimately breakdowns and a shorter life.

How does the motor of the ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill rate? This motor has a 2.0 hp CHP motor so we are not recommending the model to runners. Should be fine if you are a person looking to exercise by walking and jogging.

Rule #2 -Frame. This may be a boring topic to discuss but it is important. In general, treadmill frames are either built from aluminum or steel. These two materials are about even in strength but for a couple different reasons, we recommend buying steel.

First, steel fits together tighter so this will help decrease noise. Second, steel provides a little bounce to your step to the more dead pan feeling of aluminum frames.

The frame of this ProForm model? Yes, it is constructed from steel and provides a maximum user weight capacity of 300 lbs. This is very good for its price range.

Rule #3 -Tread belt. Another boring topic but you should at least be aware of the tread belt on the machine you are about to buy. The most important aspects of the belt to be aware of are the dimensions and the thickness.

Thicker belts provide more durability and longer lifetimes.

Tread belt dimensions (length and width) are important for a couple reasons. Having a wider belt allows more freedom as you exercise and also increases safety. As far as the length of the belt goes this will be more important to runners and people with long strides. If you are wanting to buy a home treadmill for running we would recommend a model with at least a 54-inch.

How does this ProForm 300i model stack up in the area of tread belt? The overall thickness is 2-ply, not the thickest but what’s typically found on models in not only this price range but also on models in the $1000 and over price range. For dimensions, this model provides a 16 x 50 inch (W x L) platform. The 16-inch width is very good enough for walking and jogging. The 50-inch length is more than enough for walkers and joggers. However, just as we spoke above about why we wouldn’t recommend this machine for running because of the lack of horsepower in the motor, we would reinforce this notion by saying a tread belt 50-inches in length is NOT ideal for running.

Rule #4 -Cushion System. This machine comes with the ProShoxTm cushioning. Overly overall it does an adequate job at easing the stress put on your joints when exercising. It does not provide the level of cushion compared to the systems on more expensive models but compares well in 2016 with other machines in its price range.

Rule #5 -Warranty. All the parts mentioned in this review are important to judge before buying. However, we did sort of list them in the order of most importance (our opinion) starting with the motor to the cushion system. With that said, we could have very well listed the warranty as the #1 most important feature of a treadmill to look at before buying. We did not because it is not a functional moving part of the machine.

The warranty of the ProForm 300i treadmill provides:

  • Lifetime on the frame
  • 25 years on motor
  • Parts and labor are under warranty for 1-year

In our opinion for the price range this model is found in the warranty is good. If you do decide to buy a more expensive model probably starting around $700-ish we would want to see the motor also being under a lifetime guarantee.

Overall Opinion – ProForm 300i treadmill

If this model fits your price range we would recommend putting it on your list to compare to other models you are looking at. The one thing we would not recommend buying this model for is if you are looking for a quality home treadmill to run on. As we already mentioned above it is our opinion that the motor and the tread belt are both too small to make this a good choice for runners.

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