ProForm PRO 5000 – Review of a total fitness machine

by Jack on February 21, 2016

Prediction: This will be one of the best seller’s of 2016

Which home treadmill model are we referring to? The ProForm PRO 5000! Why do we believe this model will be one of the most popular choices in 2016? There are a couple different reasons, read the following review to learn exactly why we hold this opinion.

Reason #1 – Price

The main focus of our site is to point out the best deals (price vs. quality) on treadmills in the $1000 and under price range. Although there are decent choices in this price range, realistically, treadmills are not suppose to be cheap!

When a model like the ProForm Pro 5000 drops in price, from costing around $2500 to around $1500 this definitely grabs our attention. We don’t know if this is part of a “limited” time offer this model is definitely worth checking out of

Reason #2 – Outstanding Specifications

We like the price but there also must be some substance in the build. How do you judge if a treadmill is quality? What do you look at first?

  • Motor
  • Frame
  • Tread belt
  • Cushion System
  • Warranty

Some people might make the mistake of looking at the extras and accessories but the core features/qualities listed above is where you must start if you want to correctly judge the quality of any particular model. But let me tell you, this model does also have some very nice accessories (iFit enabled, hands-free monitoring, incline, decline, 38 workout programs) we will go into more detail about these extras further down the page.

Most important to consider

You need to know what you are buying. The following five areas are thee abosolute most important areas to understand

Motor – It’s a 4.0 continuous duty horsepower (CHP), for the price, this is outstanding! Not only does the CHP style provide the highest durability, the 4.0 horsepower allows it to reach speeds of 12 MPH. The motor is such an important element to in the quality of any model. Runners, should be extremely attracted to this model.

Frame – This is a steel welded frame. This is what you want in terms of durability, performance and quietness. In these areas, a welded steel frame outperforms both a bolted steel frame or any aluminum frame!

Tread belt – Huge and comfortable! The platform provided by the belt is a huge 22 x 60 – inches.  We should also mention the deck is strong (350 lbs. weight capacity) these dimensions and strength are similar to commercial treadmills found at a gym. 

Cushion System – Whether walking, jogging or running a cushion system is important. A good system will absorb over 40% of the force from your down step, protecting feet, ankles, knees and other joints from injury and this will also allow you to exercise longer.   

Truth about cushion systems – name brands always outperform generic. Each name brand has their own patented trademarked system and each will claim theirs is the top system in the industry. The ProShox™ is the cushion system found in the ProForm Pro 5000.

While we will not say this is the very best system in the industry we do believe this is a very adequate one in providing comfort to both walkers and runners and believe it provides excellent value for the price.

Warranty – What does the warranty include and how can you use the level of warranty to help judge the quality of any treadmill you purchase? This is what you get:

  • Lifetime on motor and frame
  • 5-year on Parts
  • 2-year labor warranty

Is this good? Yes, this is very good and ProForm provides excellent customer service. The best and most important part of the warranty details listed above is “Lifetime on motor and frame“.

How does this warranty show quality

You can apply this way of thinking when judging the quality of any treadmill. If you we a business owner would you offer a lifetime warranty on your product if you knew it would not withstand the test of time?

Of course not! No smart business owner would!!!

The warranty of the ProForm Pro 5000 shows this model is high quality because it provides lifetime protection on both the motor and frame. This is a great gauge to use when judging the quality of any model you are interested in buying. If a model offers less then you might want to question why.

Other product specifications

As we mentioned and reviewed above, in order to make a sound judgement on a treadmill a person must first look at information on motor, frame, tread belt, cushion system and warranty.

Once judging these core areas only then should a person move on to looking more closely on the different extras any treadmill model provides. The following is a list of the different extras provided by the ProForm Pro 5000:

  • 15% Incline & 3% Decline
  • Folding treadmill with specialty designed Easylift Assist technology – Space saving design*
  • iFit enabled
  • 38 different workout programs that help you focus on your weigh loss and fitness goals
  • Back lit 7-inch display console
  • 0-12 MPH Touchscreen controls at your finger tips
  • Built in speakers compatible with iPod and MP3 players
  • Wireless strap for monitoring heart rate and two hand grip sensors
  • Built-in dual fans to keep you cool during your workout

ProForm Pro 5000 – Our Verdict

After reviewing both the core and extra features and taking it’s price into consideration, we believe this a fantastic choice for a home treadmill in 2016.

Although it does provide very nice and useful extras (incline, decline, folding, workout programs) more importantly it provides very high quality in the core features. A powerful and durable 4.0 CHP motor, an over sized exercise platform, a high quality steel frame, a more than adequate cushion system and a lifetime guarantee on the motor and frame.

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