Questions and Answers on the Xterra Fitness TR6.6 Treadmill

by Jack on July 5, 2016

If you are currently interested in learning more about the Xterra Fitness TR6.6 treadmill below you will find some of the most common questions asked about this model as well as answers. If you do not find the answer to the specific question you were looking for feel free to ask in the comment section below or visit this model’s review page where may find the information you are looking for.

How much horsepower (hp) does the motor supply and how long is the running platform? The motor is 3.0 hp and the running platform is 60 inches in length. If you are interested in learning our opinion on whether or not this is a good choice for running (read more).

Q & A Xterra TR 6.6 treadmill

Q&A Xterra Fitness TR 6.6 Treadmill

Treadmill speed? This model has a speed range of 0.5 – 12 MPH. At top speed this model can set a 5 minute mile pace (60 minutes/12 MPH = 5 minutes). The controls are push button located on the center console.

Does it provide incline? Yes, the model is capable of inclining up to 0-11 degrees. The up and down controls for the incline are push button controls located on the center console. We have read different reviews of this treadmill which claim the incline is only 0-11% however, the company’s website says the maximum is 15%.

Does this model fold-up to save space when not in use? Yes.

When is it folded-up are there wheels on the bottom to move it around the room? Yes, there are wheels on the bottom which will allow you to move it around the room to where you want to store it until your next use. However, we will say this model is quite heavy so it will be easier to move it around on a cement or wooden floors compared to carpet. Being heavy does cause a slight disadvantage in the easy of moving but at the same time provides the advantage of being very sturdy, solid and durable.

USB port? No.

Does the unit have audio speakers for music? Yes

What are the tread belt dimensions? 20 x 60 inches (W x L).

Belt thickness? 2-ply Duraweave.

Unfolded Dimensions? 79.5” (L) x 35”(W) x 53” (H) in inches.

When folded what are the dimensions? dimensions folded are 38.6 (L) x 35 (W) x 73 (H) inches.

How much does it weigh? 265 lbs.

What is the maximum user weight capacity of this model? 350 lbs.

What is the difference between the Xterra Fitness TR6.6 treadmill and the Trail Racer model? Nothing. These are the same model, the TR6.6 stands for Trailer racer.

Heart rate monitoring? The model provides both a grip pulse monitor and a chest strap.

Warranty? Lifetime on the frame and motor, deck 5-years, parts 2-years, in home labor 1-year.

Workout programs? The model provide 7 different workout programs. If having workout programs is a priority in your buying decision, there are other models in this price range offering far more workout programs. Not to say these programs are not useful for someone but if your goal is to buy the best quality treadmill we recommend first looking at the core features to narrow down your choices: Motor, frame, tread belt, cushion system, warranty.

Does it include a fan? Yes. The fan is located below the center console. It really is not that powerful. If you are a person who needs a fan on them as they workout we would recommend setting up an exterior fan in the room are exercising in a cool place like a basement.

Is this model noisy? As we run on this model to test it out we did not find it to be overly noisy compared to other models. However, we do read a lot of online comments. Reading these we find about half the people will say, “yes” and the other half of the people will say, “no, it’s not noisy”. The difference in opinions could be individual thresholds for noise or differences in well the treadmill was assembled. We are not saying it is ninja silent and we are also not saying we found it overly noisy.

Questions – Xterra Fitness TR6.6 treadmill

As we receive more questions from visitors we add these with our answers. If you have a specific question and could not find an answer on this page you another alternative is to visit this models review page.  Also feel free to ask your question in the comments section below and we will try to answer ASAP.

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