Rubber mat for the ProForm Power 995i Treadmill

by Jack on March 14, 2016

Should I buy a rubber mat for the ProForm Power 995i Treadmill? If so, which is the best mat? How thick? How long and wide? 

This was asked by a person who recently visited our review on this model. Our answer – you don’t have to but it would be smart, as we consider a treadmill mat an essential accessory for owning a treadmill. There’s more than one reason why using a rubber mat under any treadmill model is a good idea.

The first and most obvious reason, it protects both the treadmill and the flooring underneath. The ProForm Power 995i weighs over 200 pounds. Over time, this amount of weight sitting on your flooring, whether it be carpet, wood or the painted cement flooring in your basement will eventually leave marks or even worse.

Now imagine when you decide to jump on it to exercise. The extra weight of your body, plus, as you exercise the treadmill will move back and forth, grinding against your flooring.

The second benefit using a rubber mat provides is to reduce noise and vibration. This is probably most beneficial when you live above someone like in an apartment or have the treadmill on the second floor of a house.

Lastly, another good reason to use a rubber mat under a treadmill is it stabilizes the machine as you walk, jog or run. It prevents it from moving forward across the floor.

Best mat for the ProForm Power 995i Treadmill

You will want a mat of the right dimensions to fit under the model and also proper thickness. The dimensions of the ProForm 995i model are:

81 inches in length by 37 inches in width. For this model we would recommend:

  • ProImpact Treadmill Mat 40 x 96 – inch
  • Rubber Cal Mat 48” x  7.5 feet, thickness 3/16 inch

The two recommended mats above are a little more heavy-duty compared to many of the other options you will come across. They are a bit more expensive ($25-40 more) but they are well worth the extra money. We don’t approve of the quality of thinner mats on the market, as they rip and tear too easy.

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