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by Jack on July 20, 2016

Hello how are you? This is what you will and will not find on this page. You will find a detailed review of the ProForm ZT6 Treadmill. This review is based on the 5 most important features you need to look at before buying a treadmill.

I think you will agree there are a ton of different models to choose from when buying a treadmill. Then there are a lot of different features to consider and compare on each model. But, many of these are fluff features for the purpose of marketing and sales. So you will not find us discussing these less important features in this review.

If you do have a question of about the ProForm ZT6 model and you do not find the answer here, we do have a Q&A page which deals with the most common questions asked. But the following review will only be dealing with what we think are the most important parts of the treadmill.

Visit our Q&A page on this model for more information 

ProForm ZT6 Treadmill review of a running machine

The 5 most important features to consider

Feature #1 – Motor

You should examine the motor of any model you are interested in buying. If you don’t you could be setting yourself up for a big mistake. What do you need to look for?

  • Style of motor
  • Size or horsepower (hp)

The type of motor (or style) is extremely important. There are a few common styles you will find on different treadmills. Certain styles are prone to breakdown easier and also less efficient. The style you want is called “Continuous Duty Rated Horsepower” many times you will see this written simply as CHP in a treadmills product description or specifications. This is the most durable and efficient motor option available.

The second key component of the motor you need to be aware of is the amount of horsepower it provides. In product description you will see something like 2.5 CHP over various other numbers. In our example this would mean the treadmill has a 2.5 horsepower Continuous Duty Rated motor. If you saw 2.25 CHP this would mean it is a 2.25 hp motor.

Horsepower is probably most important to people who are wanting to buy a treadmill they can run on. As a rule of thumb, the absolute smallest horsepower output we would recommend for running is 2.5 hp.

People who plan to only exercise by walking or jogging can get away with buying a model with a motor  under 2.5 hp but even if you only plan to walk, if you do have the money to spend we would recommend a model with a 2.5 hp or more motor. Simply because, less powerful motors are more likely to breakdown in the longterm.

The ProForm ZT6 Treadmill comes with a 2.5 CHP motor. This is the smallest we would recommend to people who are looking to buy a machine they can run on.

Feature #2 – Frame

Obviously, sort of a boring topic. We will try to keep this short and sweet. There are two major materials used to build  treadmill of frames. These materials are aluminum and steel.

Steel is the better choice ad maybe nt for the reason you think. Many people will say because it’s “stronger” this is not the reason. Steel vs Aluminum do not differ that much in strength. The reason to choose steel.

Steel parts fit together tighter compared to aluminum this helps steel frames to reduce the overall noise of the treadmill when it is in use. Also, steel frames provide a little hop to your step compared to the deadpan feeling of an aluminum frame.

The ProForm being review here does have a steel frame.

ProForm ZT6 folding Treadmill

Folds and Inclines

Feature #3– Tread belt

This is another boring feature but it has an importance. This could also be called the running or walking platform. The tread belt is what spins around and around as you exercise.

The important factors to consider are thickness and dimensions (W x L).

Thickness. The ProForm ZT6 Treadmill comes with a 2-ply belt (two layers thick) this compares very well to other models in its price range. Even more expensive models have 2-ply belts.

Dimensions (W x L):

Width – If you are planning to exercise by walking or low intensity jogging a belt with of 18-inches will work. However, if plan plan to use your machine for running we would recommend choosing a model with at least a 20-inch wide belt.

Length – Runners compared to walkers and joggers will need a longer tread belt in order to accommodate their longer stride length. For runners we recommend a tread belt that is at least between 54 – 55 inches. If you are buying a model with the intention of exercising by walking or jogging you can get away with a shorter belt, here we would recommend a belt of 48 inches. If you happen to be a shorter person you may be able to get away with less but we would recommend measuring your stride length.

This ProForm model has belt dimensions of 20 x 50 (W x L) which would make it a decent choice for runners at its price point.

Feature #4– Cushion System

A treadmill’s cushion system is the feature that helps to reduce the pressure on your joints while exercising. This model comes with the patented ProShox Cushioning System.

Through the mny years we have spent reviewing treadmills we have found many varied opinions when we have surveyed people for their opinions on which cushion system is the most comfortable. Whether this is because of differences in individual running mechanics or other factors its hard to give a definite answer on which model has the best cushion system on the market.

Overall, in 2016 we would rate the cushion system of this ProForm model as comparable with other some of the better models at its price point.

Feature #5– Warranty

If you read this review from the beginning you would have noticed we started off first talking about the motor. We started off with the motor because we do believe it is the most important feature of a treadmill you need to examine before buying.

However, we could have easily listed the warranty as the number #1 feature you must take a look at before buying. What does this ProForm model provide and is it acceptable:

  • Lifetime on frame
  • 25 years on motor
  • 1-year on parts and labor

We would like to see the motor under a lifetime guarantee but 25-years is a good amount of time an acceptable compared to other treadmills in this price range.

Visit our Q&A page on this model for more information 

Overall – ProForm ZT6 Treadmill

Just so you know, we definitely are not calling this the best treadmill on the market you can buy. There are treadmills which cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars more which out preform this model.

But if this ProForm model is in your price range we do think it compares well to other models similarly priced. If you are a runner who wants to buy a home treadmill it does meet our minimum requirements for this type of exercise in having both a motor with enough horsepower and a tread belt of the right dimensions.

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