Running on the ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill

by Jack on November 16, 2015

ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill Review

Good for Running?

Motor Size and Speed

A while back we did write an overall review on the ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill. Read how  we rate it here. But sometimes we receive specific questions on certain models.

Today we receive a question asking, “Whether or not this is a good treadmill to buy for running and how fast of a pace is it capable of producing?”.

This model has a 2.5 CHP, capable of producing a 10 MPH top speed.

See our answer below.


While this home model has a very attractive price and does provide decent value for the money spent buying it, we can not recommend this model to a person who is looking for a dedicated running treadmill.

Last time we checked it was priced slightly under $500. Although we don’t rate it as the absolute best in its price range we do think it would work decently for those people who plan to exercise by walking or jogging.

NOTE: There’s not a single treadmill in this price range that we would recommend to buy for running.

Why we don’t recommend


The person asking the question read the motor of the ProForm 6.0 RT can set a 10 MPH pace. So they were under the impression this could work.

Yes, it is true at the highest setting this model can produce a 10 MPH pace (6 minute mile). This should be a high enough work-out speed for most, right?

We agree. There’s actually no reason that you can’t run on it. However.

The main reason we wouldn’t recommend it for this purpose – it lacks the needed durability. Sure you can run on it but how long will it be able to withstand the stresses?

It’s not built to handle the extra stresses running produces compared to walking or jogging. From day 1 out of the box if you turn it on to run on it and run on it and run on it. Sooner or later, probably sooner, you will experience some issues either in a motor or frame breakdown. It just wasn’t built to handle this type of exercise over the long-term.

We don’t want to see you buy a model that may work for a short time but then breakdown. To be honest if you want an affordable treadmill you can use in your home for running you should expect to spend at least in the area of $1000 and still these would be entry-level models.

Five areas to judge


If you are currently shopping for a home model you should pay attention to the areas below to get the best buy:

  • Motor
  • Tread belt
  • Frame
  • cushion System
  • Warranty





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