Sole Folding Treadmill Reviews – Are they any good for runners

Sole Fitness produces treadmills for home and light commercial use. Probably more commonly found in the home than a commercial setting, however, we have seen various Sole treadmill models at gyms and also in hotel exercise rooms.

Are they any good? We have reviewed all their models and also performed a few side-by-side comparisons against treadmills manufactured by other top brand name companies. Sole models do perform well when compared to other models in their price range. All models are powerful enough to satisfy the high intensity needs of a runner, at the same time, possessing high enough quality cushion systems to satisfy the needs of someone needing to rehabilitate from an injury or someone with bad joints who wants to exercise by walking.

Two things stick out when comparing Sole treadmills to other company models:

Better than average warranty length and services

Overall, best folding treadmills for runners

Runners wanting to save space

The best way to save space is to either buy a small compact treadmill or one that will allow you to fold it and move it out of the way. Specifically for runners, the problem with smaller treadmills, while they do save space, most do not provide a motor with enough horsepower to satisfy the needs of runners.

The alternative is to buy a larger machine with a more powerful motor that will fold up to save space.

Folding vs. non-folding treadmills for running

For a long time it was not even comparable, if you wanted a home treadmill to run on you had to buy a traditional non-folding treadmill. The folding variety was not capable of providing adequate stability. Think about the engineering differences.

Compared to non-folding, a model that could fold-up required a movable joint to allow this. This is great for saving space but this added joint also produced instability (play) between the frame and the exercise platform. This makes perfect sense if you can picture what we are talking about in your head.

But that was then.

We do not want to say everything is perfect but Sole Fitness has developed and engineered a mechanism to greatly increase the stability of folding treadmills for runners. Since we are not engineers, we can’t go into specific details on how it works. All we know is from experience and the stability we felt while running. And we must say, this is no secret, ask around. Join an exercise forum(s) and start a thread asking for opinions on the best folding treadmills for runners

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