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by Jack on August 8, 2016

We have rated and reviewed the Phoenix 98510 Easy-up Treadmill to answer whether or not buying this model is worth the money. However, rather than reading the entire review, if you have a specific question about this model it may be a little easier to look on this page where we list certain specifications and also answer some of the most common questions asked about this Phoenix treadmill model.

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Phoenix 98510 Manual Easy up treadmill

Specifications and common questions


Specifications and common questions

What are the dimensions of this machine? 46.5 x 50 x 21.1 inches (L x H x W).

What are the dimensions of the exercise platform (tread belt)? 41 x 13 (L x W).

Weight Capacity? 250 pounds.

How much does it weigh? Just over 50 pounds (50.6).

Does it come with a motor? No, this is a manual treadmill. The belt turns on a flywheel which the user powers with their legs.

Does it have incline? The Phoenix comes at a preset incline. This is not adjustable. Although, not recommend by the manufacturer, some users online have said when they want to exercise on a flat grade they prop the back end up.

What is the % incline? The incline is about an 8% grade compared to the 0% incline of a flat surface

Can you run on it? If you are looking to bring a treadmill that you can run on into your home this is not one we would recommend. Sure anything is possible, a very athletic person could probably manage to run on the Phoenix 98510 but its not made for running and would probably be very uncomfortable. This doesn’t have a motor, it is a budget manual treadmill which you will need to power with your legs. This is not even the main reason we would not recommend this for runners. The main reason this is not for runners, the exercise platform (or tread belt) is only 41 inches in length. For the average person 41-inches in length will not be enough room to accommodate their stride running length.

What is the Phoenix 98510 Easy-up Treadmill good for? This is a very budget low-end model. In good conscious, walking is the only activity we could recommend.

Does it fold up to save space? Yes.

Water bottle holder include? Yes.

Digital center console? Yes. The digital center console records workout metrics such as:  Distance, speed, time and calories.

Warranty included? Yes. Includes 90-days on parts and 1-year on frame. This is about what you can expect from models in this price range.

Is it quiet? This model has no motor so this helps decrease the noise generated. The amount of noise created will be very much dependent on how quiet the user walks.

Do you need to hod on to the side bars when exercising? Since this model sits at an incline must people do need to hold on to the side bars when first getting the belt moving. Once the tread belt is moving some people with good balance are able to exercise without holding on. We suggest you hold on to the side bars until you are very comfortable exercising on this model.

Is assembly required? As with all treadmills we know of this model also requires some assemble out of the box. Step by step instructions are includes. We would rate the level of difficulty of the assembly easy to medium.

Energy efficient? Yes. There is no motor, the user powers it. The digital center console does require 2 AA batteries (included).

Is this a good choice to use under the desk in an office? No.

The workout platform is only 13-inches wide, is narrowness a problem? For walking as recommend this model the 13-inch width is not a problem. The narrowness would be ore of a problem if you were to try to run on it.

Need more information?

The above list covers common questions on the specifications and uses of the Phoenix 98510 Easy-up Treadmill, if you were unable to find an answer to a specific question you have about this model you can leave a comment below. Or you can visit our review page to find more information .

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