The incline on the Sole F80 treadmill and how it works

by Jack on August 30, 2016

Questions: Does the Sole F80 treadmill, if so, have incline and what is the steepest grade?

We were asked this question and the answer is yes, this model does include incline. You can change the level simply by pushing the increase or decrease buttons in front of you located on the center console.

Grade of incline? You can either choose to exercise at a 0% grade (flat) or you can use the push button controls to increase the incline in 1% increments to a 15% grade.

Compared to working out on a flat grade, an incline workout provides the extra benefit of stressing and building the muscles in the ankles, calves, and upper and lower thighs and buttocks.

While many treadmills only provide a 10% or 12% maximum grade. The nice thing about the F80 treadmill is that it provides a 15% grade maximum. This means the muscles mentioned above will benefit even more when you choose to set the incline to the maximum 15% steepest.

Benefits of a 15% incline

For more answers on this model see the link below

If you are interested in the Sole F80 Treadmill we have a review concentrating on the 5 most important core features of any treadmill that will help you judge not only the quality of this model but also provide you with a base of knowledge to help you judge the quality of any other model you may be interested in also.

Since the the review linked above only covers what we consider the most important parts (motor, frame, tread bet, cushion system, warranty) and does not go into detail about the “extras” included with this model we also have a question and answer page where you can find some of the most commonly asked questions about the F80 which covers much information on these extras.

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