Tread belt length – how to buy a treadmill for running

by Jack on September 13, 2016

How to buy a treadmill for runners

Mistake #2

You may think you found great deal on a treadmill you plan to use for running, however, there are more than a few important considerations to take into account before buying a treadmill for this activity. Whether it’s for your home or a gym. Here we will discuss one important mistake not to make.

I know a guy who recently bought a treadmill online thinking he got an excellent deal. Actually, it was a pretty good deal. However, there was a problem, he bought it thinking his two sons could use it to run on. They found out pretty quickly this model wasn’t going to preform very well for this type of training.

Why couldn’t his sons use it for running?

It is important to consider the dimensions of the tread belt (exercise platform).

The mistake the guy made was he did not pay attention to the dimensions of the tread belt.  It was too small in length. This mistake probably most commonly occurs when someone is either buying a treadmill for the first time or trying to pay the least amount of money possible.

Why are dimensions important? You will realize this after we mention it but if you are buying a treadmill for the first time this may not be something you think of right away or at all. And even if you do you may still need further information.

What we are referring to? When we go from walking to jogging to running the length of our stride increases. So this means, we will need a treadmill with a tread belt (exercise platform) with the correct dimensions to accommodate our longer stride length as we run.

How long do you need – 48 inches long enough?

There are an enormous number of treadmills on the market which are not built for runners. And one of the reasons is there tread belts are simply not long enough to accommodate the stride length.

Another common reason a treadmill wouldn’t make a good choice for running, the motor is too small/low horsepower.

How long does the tread belt need to be? The tread belt length on the model our friend bought had a 48-inch belt.

For a person of average height, male or female, 48-inches will not be enough to accommodate their stride length to allow them to run comfortably. And even if you are are a very short person, although, you might be able to run on a shorter track you will want to play attention to the motor horsepower because most treadmills with shorter tread belts will also have smaller horsepower motors which would not make them a good choice for running.

What we recommend for length? For running, we recommend having a tread belt at least a 54-inches in length. This 54-inches is the low end of our recommendation spectrum anything longer would be a plus and provide more comfort ad a better running experience

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