Using the Phoenix treadmill with an office desk

by Jack on June 6, 2016

Under the desk?

Under the desk?

If you are wondering if the Phoenix 98510 treadmill would be a good choice to use as an under the desk treadmill in the office we would have to ask – How talented are you?

For what it is we really have no problem with this model. This is a very budget model which has no motor. However, we definitely would not recommend this for using in the office under your desk! As you type on the computer or take care of other tasks, no way!

The main reasons we would not recommend this Phoenix model is it has no motor. So when you are using it you will find that your arms/hands will very often be need to grip the side bars for support. This will get in the way of using your computer, phone, etc. all the tasks you need to get done at work.

Another reason is the running/walking platform is set at n incline. This can not be adjusted. The incline provides an extra level of difficulty.

The Phoenix 98510 Treadmill is a budget model for the price it does offer value and has received good reviews from owners. This is a very compact and light weight unit. We can see this being used in the office during down times or breaks. However, we just can not imagine someone being able to use this as an under the desk treadmill while still being able to effectively work on a computer.

If you want something for under the desk we would definitely recommend buying a model that has a motor and also with a flat grade platform.


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