What the warranty of NordicTrack Elite 7700 Treadmill tells you

by Jack on August 24, 2016

We did write a review on the NordicTrack Elite 7700 Treadmill where we talk about and rate the most important features of this model but sometimes we receive questions asking about a specific feature of a treadmill. Here, we will address the warranty. Does it include a warranty and if so how does it compare to warranties of other similarly price treadmills?

Yes, this treadmill should come with a warranty.

We say should come with because where ever you do decide to buy this model, whether it be online or at a local sporting good store if you are not provided with a warranty then you need to question the retailer.

NordicTrack Elite 7700 Treadmill warranty rating

Is this a good warranty vs. price?

What’s it include, how does it compare?

What guarantees are provided with the purchase of this model:

  • Lifetime guarantee on the motor
  • Lifetime guarantee on the frame
  • 5-years on parts
  • 2-years on labor

The two most important parts of the warranty is the frame and motor as these would be the most expensive parts to replace on your own. As you can see the warranty of the NordicTrack Elite 7700 provides lifetime guarantees on both. This is good to see.

How does this compare to other models?

When comparing treadmill warranty’s it is always important to keep price in mind. For example, a model costing over $1000 will (or should) have a much guarantees than cheaper models. So, for a true comparison, models close in price need to be compared.

So here we are going to list a few different models that we also like which are close in price and look at what is offered in their warranties.

Note: As of the summer of 2016 the following models we used for comparison were similarly priced compared to the NordicTrack Elite 7700 Treadmill’s price. However, prices do change, we can’t guarantee these models will stay close in price.

The following are not the only models but models we like and also popular with consumers overall so they are worth comparing warranties:

3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill

  • Motor – lifetime
  • Frame – lifetime
  • Parts – 5 years

Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

  • Motor – lifetime
  • Frame and deck – lifetime
  • Electronic Parts – 5 years
  • Labor – 2 years
  • Read the Sole F80 review

Yowza Fitness Daytona Professional Grade Non-Folding Treadmill

  • Motor – lifetime
  • Frame and deck – lifetime
  • Parts – 5 years
  • Labor – 2 years

FreeMotion 890 Treadmill

ProForm 590 T Treadmill

  • Motor – 25 years
  • Frame and deck – lifetime
  • Parts – 1 years
  • Labor – 1 years

From the list of five similiarly priced treadmills above you can see the warranty of the NordicTrack Elite 7700 Treadmill is very comparable and beats the ProForm 590 T treadmill (Motor: lifetime vs. 25 years).

Why a treadmill warranty is important

Ok, first we want to say when you are buying a treadmill in the price range of this NordicTrack Elite model you should expect a lifetime guarantee on both the motor and frame. In fact, starting with models costing around $800 and up you should expect a lifetime guarantee on both the motor and frame.

If you are buying a cheaper model, you should expect to receive less of a extended guarantee. The cheapest models, you will be lucky yo receive any type of warranty at all.

What the warranty can tell you? 

We all want the best value for our money. Examining the warranty before you buy is a good way to judge the quality and compare of the machine(s). Think about it, if you were a manufacture, if you knew the product you were producing was complete crap would you stick a lifetime guarantee on it?

As we briefly mentioned, the most important parts to look at is what it provides for the motor and frame as these would be the most expensive parts to replace.

Read our review and rating of the NordicTrack Elite 7700 Treadmill

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