Xterra Fitness TR 6.6 Treadmill Review

by Jack on December 9, 2015

Xterra Fitness TR 6.6 Treadmill Review

Xterra Fitness TR 6.6

If you are planning to spend around $1000 on a home treadmill the Xterra fitness TR 6.6 model is one that you should consider in 2015-2016. Here we will review this model and tell you exactly what to look for when comparing it to other options you may be currently considering.

What do you consider the most important features to judge in a home model? Would you agree that the motor, tread belt, frame, cushion system and warranty are all important things to look at in order to get the best quality for your money?

If so then the following review where we will be covering these five different areas will be useful for you to at least browse


Of course the motor is very important. Different models come with different motors that not only vary in size (horsepower) but also differ in style or type. Two types you may come across are treadmill rate and duty rated, stay away from these. These are less efficient and durable.

What you want to buy is a model with a Continuous Duty Motor, (CHP) this type is the most efficient and durable. Good news, the motor of the Xterra fitness TR 6.6 treadmill is a CHP.

It’s a 3.0 horsepower motor which reaches a maximum speed of 12 MPH, which would be like running a 5 minute mile. For the price this is an excellent motor good for walking, jogging and running.

Tread Belt

When judging the tread belt there are two variables you will want to take notice of: Durability (thickness) and dimension (size)

The thickness of this model’s belt is 2-ply. There’s 1-ply through 3-ply. So it’s not the absolute thickest but still plenty durable and what is normally found on the best treadmills in this price range.

The dimensions of the running surface are 20 x 60 (20 inches in width and 60 inches in length) this is one of the larger surfaces at this price point. If you plan to do a lot of running, these dimensions will fit you perfectly.

Overall, we give this tread Belt a very high quality rating at this price point.


The frame is what supports everything. What you want to see is a rust resistant metal frame and the best frames are going to be made up of minimal parts in total. You want one solid structure. The more individual parts bolted together this usually is a good sign of cheaper and lower quality.

What we can say for sure is the frame of this model is constructed out of metal. But we are not exactly sure how many different pieces need bolted together.

However, here’s a little tip you can fall back on when judging the quality of any treadmill’s frame. Look at the warranty.

A 10 or 15-year guarantee on the frame isn’t bad but only the highest quality frames will be under warranty for lifetime. Looking at the Xterra fitness TR 6.6 treadmill’s warranty we see the company provides a lifetime guarantee on its frame.

Cushion System

The company calls their cushion system, XTRA Soft Cushioning. When testing this model for ourselves we can’t neither say we were overly impressed nor disappointed.

It’s not like walking on air but at the same time it’s softer than walking or running on the street or sidewalk.

Obviously,there are certain types of people who will place a high amount of importance on cushion and comfort, runners, people with existing joint problems/pain and also seniors.

There are definitely better cushion system found in higher priced models. As for the models in the $1000 price range, the cushion system of the Xterra fitness TR 6.6 treadmill is one that towards the top of the list.


The warranty provided is important for a couple reasons. The first reason is obvious, if something breaks then a replacement part will be provided.

Maybe not as obvious, the warranty can also provide good insight into the quality of the treadmill.

What we mean by this – do you think a company will provide a lifetime warranty on a piece of junk? No, definitely not. This would cause them to lose to much money in replacement parts.

So, if they know they are manufacturing and selling low quality machines they will also give a low quality warranty. They definitely will not give a lifetime warranty

Treadmill warranties usually come in 4 parts: Motor, frame and labor. The most important is the motor and frame. Here’s a look at what the Xterra fitness TR 6.6 provides:

  • Motor – lifetime
  • Frame – lifetime
  • Parts – 2 years
  • Labor – 1-year in-home labor

Overall, this is very good for it’s price range. Both the motor and frame are guaranteed for life. This is exactly what you want to see.

Summing up our opinion

On our home page we provided a list of our opinions on the best home treadmills you can buy for under $1000 we are not sure if this Xterra model recently dropped in price after we provided our initial opinions on our home page. But it definitely should be included on this list and will be added.

However, we also must mention. We tested this model in December 2015 and we are thinking the low price may be a holiday discount. But we surely will be checking back on the price after XMAS has passed to see if the price has been increased. To sum up our opinion, this model is a very good deal at it’s current price.

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